The SSV Iwo Jima is a human frigate of the Systems Alliance. Like all human frigates, she is named after an important battle, in this case for the World War II Battle of Iwo Jima.

The Iwo Jima was sent to the batarian colony of Camala to evacuate Alliance scientist Kahlee Sanders, but only a few minutes before the planned rendezvous, the Alliance ground team escorting Kahlee is ambushed by Skarr and the Blue Suns. The escort vehicle is soon overrun by the Blue Suns rovers – failing to escape the attack, the vehicle eventually crashes with one of the rovers and turns over, forcing Kahlee and the marines to evacuate it.

Just as one of the Blue Sun rovers is about to flank Kahlee and the marines hiding behind the overturned vehicle, the Iwo Jima arrives on the scene. The frigate uses her GARDIAN defense lasers to take out one Blue Suns rover, but is then struck by hundreds of explosive rounds at point-blank range, fired from a portable mass accelerator cannon by Skarr. Her shields were shut down so she could land on the planet's surface and pick up the shore party, allowing shrapnel from the hypervelocity rounds to puncture her hull and shred the crew inside. The Iwo Jima careens out of control, crashes on Camala's surface, and is destroyed on impact.

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