The Saboteur is an outlaw unit.

Description Edit

Most of the sighted outlaw forces are composed of forces from the Milky Way, but many angara have also joined them, either out of disillusionment with the Resistance or for their own personal glory. This has been heralded with fascination by Nexus social xenopsychologists—who claim it demonstrates universal values and goals between sentient life—and concern by APEX, who now have to contend with outlaws who have expert knowledge of the Heleus Cluster.

The light armor and weapons of angaran outlaws have been fatally deceptive to many APEX squads. When necessary, the angara act as saboteurs, using their innate control over electromagnetism to drain enemy shield capacitors and boost their own equipment. With combatants suddenly vulnerable, they are easy prey for the saboteur or their allies.

Capabilities Edit

Offensive Edit

They have access to Energy Drain.

Defensive Edit

They are armored.

Tactics Edit

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