Salamul is a Krogan Battlemaster leading a squad of Blood Pack mercenaries on Tarith.

He is the overseer of the mining operations on the planet. Salamul is also in communication with another Blood Pack base on Zada Ban and is sending resources gained from the mining operation there.

The mining operations are hit hard by hordes of Harvesters and Klixen, forcing the crew to evacuate the planet.

After arriving on Tarith to investigate an anomaly, Commander Shepard discovers the nature of the Blood Pack operations on the planet through the reading of several data pads scattered throughout the level. When Shepard encounters Salamul as he is attempting to evacuate the planet, a firefight ensues and Salamul is killed.

Capabilities Edit


Salamul is armed with a M-300 Claymore Heavy Shotgun, and can use Warp.


Salamul possesses a strong biotic barrier coupled with strong armor. He also has standard krogan regeneration, krogan charge and can cast Barrier.

Tactics Edit

  • As soon as combat starts, Salamul will aggressively move towards the squad, often focusing on the player. He will rarely go into cover, if at all, and will actively try to flank the player. Cover should be limited to blocking most of the vorcha fire, because Salamul will just circumvent any cover you're in and charge from up close.
  • His charge combined with the powerful blasts of his M-300 Claymore makes him a serious threat up-close. Because of that, the squad's efforts should be concentrated to bringing him down before he gets close enough to cause serious damage.
  • Warp attacks are recommended. It stops him from regenerating in addition to being effective against his barrier and armor.
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