The Salarian Bodyguards are a duo of salarians encountered in the Lower Markets on the Wards. Their job is to protect Chorban if Shepard is forced to fight him.

If Shepard chooses to start assisting Jahleed before ever talking to Chorban about scanning the keepers, the salarian bodyguards alongside Chorban will confront Shepard when the Commander comes to ask Chorban about Jahleed. Chorban asks about data that Shepard is unaware of. Since Chorban could not get the data on the keepers from Shepard, he orders his bodyguards to attack.


  • Salarian Bodyguards are very similar to Jax's Turian Bodyguards in that they have light armor and health.
  • Since they do not take much cover, they are easy prey for Shepard's guns and can be dealt with quite easily. Once they're taken out, move on to Chorban.
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