For the Salarian Infiltrator in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, see Salarian Infiltrator.

Stealth expert that uses a mix of weapons and tech.

A former member of the Salarian Special Task Group [sic], the Salarian Infiltrator found the organization's secrecy tiresome and dropped out to join the Initiative. He likes to make quiet entrances, but once the job's done, he's the first to start bragging.

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  • The Salarian Infiltrator can have a surprisingly robust melee game. Multiple melee damage upgrades can turn his humble Omni-Blade into a truly deadly weapon with one of the fastest attack animations in the game. Combined with a Tactical Cloak upgraded to automatically activate from melee kills, and the Infiltrator can wipe out entire squads, staying invisible the whole time. The Omni-Blade is a little harder to aim compared to the Asari Sword or Krogan Headbutt, so be careful not to overshoot.

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