Salkie is a batarian Blue Suns mercenary on Omega.

Salkie is in charge of logistics in the battle against Archangel. He meets Commander Shepard's team after their shuttle lands during the mission to recruit Archangel.

If Jonn Whitson also signed up, he arrives around the same time as Shepard's team, causing Salkie to briefly wonder if he's with Shepard. Observing the human's gung-ho enthusiasm, Salkie sarcastically points him where to go before debriefing the more heavily-armed people in front of him.

Salkie is relieved to see that the merc recruiter has sent people who know how to fight. While giving the Commander a tactical overview of the battlefield, Salkie expresses his belief that it's only a matter of time before the Archangel is captured or killed. Salkie, when asked, reveals details of the plan, some history of the battle, and difficulties involved in defeating Archangel. Finally, Salkie instructs the Commander to report to Sergeant Cathka.