Samesh Bhatia is the human husband of Nirali Bhatia, an Alliance marine who served and died on Eden Prime.

Mass Effect Edit

Samesh waits for Commander Shepard in front of the Embassies reception desk in the Citadel Presidium, after Tali has been rescued. He asks for Shepard's help in recovering his wife's body, so that he can give her a proper burial and find some peace.

Samesh says he needs help from someone in the Alliance. He explains that his wife's body has not been returned to him for cremation, for which there has been no explanation. He asks Shepard to speak to Clerk Bosker in the Embassy Lounge. Shepard discovers Nirali's body is being held for tests. Nirali's body registered injuries from unique geth weaponry and the Alliance plans to study the body to develop new technology. Shepard reports this to Samesh: the Commander can either assure him that his wife's body will be released promptly or convince him to let the Alliance conduct the tests. In the latter case, Samesh is distraught, demanding to know why the Alliance cannot treat a loyal soldier like Nirali with the respect she deserves. Shepard can be respectful or dismissive in response.

If Ashley Williams is in the squad, she also speaks to Samesh as he is leaving, telling him either that Nirali died to keep him safe and that she would want to make the most of her sacrifice, or that Nirali loved him and used to listen to recordings of his voice every night. Samesh is grateful for Ashley's support, and leaves.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

If Shepard retrieved his wife's body in 2183, Samesh sends a message to Shepard's private terminal in 2185, thanking the Commander for retrieving his wife's body. He has opened a restaurant on Earth that she intended to open, where Alliance soldiers eat for free.

Message: Thank you again.Edit

From: Samesh Bhatia

Commander Shepard,

Mr. Udina offered to pass on a message for me. I wished to again express my thanks for your assistance in retrieving my wife's body. While nothing can ever banish the pain of losing Nirali, being able to see that her body was treated properly helped me more than you can imagine.

I have opened the restaurant that my wife always wished to start, back on Earth. Nirali's picture hangs on the wall, and Alliance soldiers eat for free. It is the least I can do to honor the courage with which both you and my wife have served humanity.


Samesh Bhatia

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