Sanak is a batarian who works as an enforcer for Aria T'Loak on Omega. He is frequently seen in Aria's private booth at the Afterlife Club, but is also frequently paired with Aria's daughter, Liselle on field assignments. Sanak is openly hostile to humans, and is greatly annoyed when Aria partners him and Liselle with a human mercenary, Paul Johnson, and tells both of them that they do not need to like each other to work together.

Sanak works with Paul and Liselle in a retaliatory strike against the Talons, a rival turian gang, which results in them confiscating a shipment of red sand. Sanak protests when Johnson orders the red sand to be kept in his apartment, but backs down after Liselle approves of the decision. While moving the sand to Johnson's apartment, Sanak notices signs that suggest that Johnson is a recovering addict. When Liselle is murdered, and Johnson disappears, Sanak is ordered to investigate. He suspects that Johnson had a relapse and killed Liselle. His tech experts discover Johnson's true identity as Cerberus defector Paul Grayson, and also learn of Grayson's connection to Kahlee Sanders.

Needing to seek outside help after a massive crackdown on his operations, the Illusive Man manipulates Aria into helping him gain revenge on Grayson, sending Kai Leng to make negotiations. Sanak is very mistrustful of Leng and advises Aria not to work with Cerberus, however his concerns are overruled. Sanak is ordered to strike a Cerberus space station currently under turian occupation. Sanak leads the assault, killing the turians, but capturing Sanders and David Anderson so Aria could use them as bait to set a trap for Grayson. Aria orders Sanak to guard Anderson when he insists on accompanying the strike squad assigned to kill Grayson. Sanders and Anderson are eventually able to free themselves when the heavily modified Grayson butchers Aria's men, and Sanak is killed when Anderson fires three pistol shots into his torso.

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