Location: Milky WayAnnos BasinPranas System First planet

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Sur'Kesh's sister planet is in a weak hothouse state, retaining enough carbon dioxide and monoxide to form an atmosphere thicker than a garden world's but thinner than a true hothouse like Venus. In the early days of salarian space exploration, the species saw mining the planet as an engineering challenge. When the salarians made contact with the asari, the robo-mining industry developed for planets like Saradril quickly became the galactic standard.

The planet is named for the Saradril Clan, specifically the salarian dalatrass Saradril Il Sorason Mal Netya Par Tore Nura, who sponsored the first manned mission to the planet. In antiquity, the planet was named for various gods, as well as the astronomer who first classified it as a planet rather than a star. But Nura's political machinations won out and the planet now bears her clan's name on all standard salarian star maps.

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