Sato Davaria is a turian technician. In 2186, he was a member of a turian team sent by Ambassador Orinia to investigate a Cerberus space station in the Terminus Systems; the first turian strike force deployed to the station had reported rescuing a prisoner, Paul Grayson, but never reported back after that. Accompanied by David Anderson and Kahlee Sanders, Sato expresses great pleasure at meeting Anderson, whom he regards with immense respect given his important role in the Alliance. At the station, Sato helped retrieve data from the station concerning Grayson and the experiments Cerberus conducted on him using Reaper technology, and is initially incredulous of the Reaper threat.

Not long after the team arrived, a group of mercenaries dispatched by Aria T'Loak to find Grayson reached the station and eliminated the turians, presumably including Sato, and took Anderson and Sanders prisoner.