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The original Mass Effect series is designed as a trilogy, which allows the player to import their characters from any completed Mass Effect playthrough to subsequent games. This means that several decisions Commander Shepard makes in Mass Effect will carry over and have the potential to impact the story of Mass Effect 2, which in turn affects Mass Effect 3.

Note: Save files from the original trilogy cannot be imported into Mass Effect: Andromeda. They can, however, be imported into Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect → Mass Effect (Existing Characters)[]

Mass Effect ends after the completion of the storyline. Your game is saved and can be carried over to a New Game+. You can then explore the galaxy again. Shepard's level, talents, specialization and equipment all carry over, but Paragon / Renegade scales, weapon manufacture licenses, and medi-gel / grenade stock upgrades are reset, as are your Codex entries and assignments. Any combat, biotic or tech achievements will be usable in any new career.

After you beat the game, you can start your character over by going to "Create New Character" and selecting the bottommost option (Select Existing ID). You then restart the story with all of your experience and items intact from the previous game. All items that were equipped on other characters are transferred to you, and you gain doubles of anything you had equipped. For your main character, all of your talent points remain spent as they were before. Your party members all begin at the same level as you, but with no talent points spent and only the basic weapons / armor, allowing you to rebuild them as you like.

It is possible to reach level 50 on your first playthrough, but you won't achieve it without completing a majority of the side assignments. Since you are capped at level 50 for your first time through the game, you cannot reach level 60 until the second playthrough with your original character. If you're looking to reach level 60, it isn't necessary to reach level 50 in your first completion. You can also start a completely new character if you'd like to try a new class, gender, background, etc, and you will no longer be level capped at 50, but there is not enough XP available in the game, even with DLC, to reach level 60 in a single go.

Legendary Edition: There is no level cap on a first playthrough, and experience scaling is improved in various ways to make reaching level 60 considerably easier. There is also an option to scale character levels to the 1-30 scale used in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect → Mass Effect 2[]


To import save games on the Xbox 360, the game must be played on the hard drive the saved game was completed on, since it is not possible to transfer the file that Mass Effect 2 imports using the Xbox 360's file management tools (although it is possible when transferring the entire contents of the drive using a transfer cable). As it is possible to transfer regular save files using the Xbox 360's file management tools, the player may choose to transfer a save file right before the final battle and complete it again in order to transfer the completed game file. This will need to be repeated for every playthrough the player wishes to import. Alternatively, run Mass Effect 2 on the old Xbox to import the character, then save the game and move the resulting save file to the new Xbox.

For Xbox 360 units without hard drives, such as the Arcade unit: Importing a Mass Effect save works for any and all devices and Xbox 360 SKUs. Game saves can be transferred to new Xbox 360s with the exception of the final Mass Effect autosave at the end of the game. So, if you are transferring game saves to a new 360, it will work, but you will have to replay the end of the game to recreate that final autosave. Only then will the Mass Effect Import Utility be able to detect that final save. The final autosave is invisible and not listed on any device. For Arcade units, it appears that the final autosave is written to the internal flash memory.

The same holds true if playing on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility. In order to transfer a Mass Effect save played on the Xbox One to a Mass Effect 2 save on the Xbox 360, make a save file just before the final battle and save it to the cloud drive. Load that onto the Xbox 360, play through the final battle to create the finale autosave to transfer to Mass Effect 2.

For the PC version, players can use the Mass Effect Configuration Tool to select the .MassEffectSave files they wish to import. However, there is a known issue with the Configuration Tool that may cause a fatal conflict with Mass Effect 2, preventing the game from launching and requiring a reinstall. Players who wish to avoid this possibility can instead manually import their Mass Effect 1 save files. These files can easily be transferred between computers, and even downloaded from the internet if the player wished they had taken different actions in the original game but do not wish to re-play it. The site is a useful resource for this.

Until the release of the Mass Effect Trilogy, the story of Mass Effect was retold in Mass Effect 2 through an interactive comic, Mass Effect: Genesis. This comic retells the story of Mass Effect while allowing the player to make several important plot decisions. The choices the player makes will then be imported into Mass Effect 2 as if they had been made in the original game. On PlayStation 3, Mass Effect: Genesis requires the Cerberus Pack, which is included in every new copy of the game. Xbox 360 and PC owners can purchase Genesis separately.

However, with the release of the Mass Effect Trilogy as well as a PSN downloadable version of Mass Effect, players can now import a Mass Effect Shepard into Mass Effect 2 to have a seamless play through of the trilogy.

Another way of getting the save game variables that you want is by using Gibbed's Mass Effect 2 Save Editor. This save game editor allows you to change variables and checks placed within your Mass Effect 2 save file, which contains data from your Mass Effect save file (if you imported one). Instructions for using this tool can be found in this forum post (Registration Required).

If a player beats Mass Effect multiple times on a single Shepard, either by saving and re-loading or by starting a new game plus, each "victory" will be a separate Shepard that the player may import to Mass Effect 2. The player need not worry that they are over-writing one of their Shepards, and may review all the major specifications and decisions of a Shepard before they choose to import the file to ensure it is the right file.

Character Transfer[]

Character Stats and Levels Due to several gameplay changes, your character's level and abilities will not transfer over to Mass Effect 2. However, the game will acknowledge your character's level and morality and adapt it in ways that map across to the new system as well. The higher the level of the imported character, the greater the bonuses granted upon importing.

  • A portion of the character's Paragon/Renegade points (up to 190 each, which requires the bar(s) to be 50% full[1]) are transferred over.
  • Importing a level 1 through level 49 character will grant 1,000 XP (the player starts at level 2), 20,000 credits, and 2,500 of each resource.
  • Importing a level 50 through level 59 character will grant 2,000 XP (the player starts at level 3), 30,000 credits, and 5,000 of each resource.
  • Importing a level 60 character will grant 4,000 XP (the player starts at level 5), 50,000 credits, and 10,000 of each resource.
  • Having the "Rich" achievement from Mass Effect will grant an additional 100,000 credits.
  • The import bonuses will stack with the Mass Effect 2 completion starting bonuses (200,000 credits and 50,000 of each resource).

Legendary Edition: The player starts Mass Effect 2 with 10% of their credits carried over from Mass Effect (up to a maximum of 100,000) in addition to the above level bonuses. This seems to be a replacement for the "Rich" achievement. This is accompanied by an email titled, "Ascension Financial Services: Your Account":

From: Stanwick Dobbs, Banking Agent

Ascension Financial Services, Earth


Thank you for submitting your updated medical documentation. Your status has been changed from DECEASED to ALIVE. After deducting modest administration fees for closing the file, the subsequent change in status and the reactivation of your account, you have a remaining balance of 100000 [varies] credits.

Thank you for banking with Ascension Financial Services, we look forward to working with you.

Are you protecting your greatest assets? We will find the best life insurance rates and coverage to fit your needs! Reply for a free quote today!

Character Personal Attributes

Shepard's first name, gender, background (Colonist, Earthborn, or Spacer), and career history (Sole Survivor, War Hero, or Ruthless) cannot be changed. The player, however, may alter the class of their new character, as well as Shepard's appearance. It is worth noting that if the player opts to change the latter, they must start from scratch to re-design their character's look—one cannot, for example, simply change the hair color or nose of the previous character. However for the PC version, there is a long string of numbers and letters on the Squad screen for Shepard. The string will allow you to import a face created in a previous Mass Effect 2 game. This string will only be generated for new faces created; imported faces will not have a string. It should be noted that changing to the default Shepard or creating a new face, then reverting to an imported face can result in a string being displayed on the Squad screen, but this will always be inaccurate.


Shepard's romance interest from Mass Effect carries over to Mass Effect 2, as evidenced by a photo of said individual on Shepard's desk in the captain's quarters, and a slightly different scene when the two encounter each other again. However, there is no option to engage in any romantic repartee with the love interest, as they are not part of Shepard's squad. Despite this, Shepard is considered to still be in a relationship with that individual. Shepard may choose to pursue an additional love interest with someone from Mass Effect 2, though this will have consequences for Shepard's relationship with their Mass Effect love interest in Mass Effect 3.

It should be noted that Mass Effect romances can carry over to Mass Effect 2 without consummation, or even when the player is fairly certain they have rejected the character in question. Merely speaking with a potential love interest once is enough to trigger a romance if Paragon options are chosen. In some cases, even extensive Renegade dialogue choices do not prevent the formation of a romance. Thus, if a player wishes to avoid carrying over a love interest to Mass Effect 2, they must leave that character behind on Virmire, if possible. However, if a player wishes to play through Mass Effect 2 with that particular squad member surviving Virmire but wants to avoid carrying over a romance while still being able to talk to them in Mass Effect, then the player must select the appropriate dialogue choices that terminate the romance subplot when they are spoken to after the first plot world. (see Talk:Romance)

Note: It is possible to continue a romance with Liara in the Mass Effect 2 download content 'Lair of the Shadow Broker' if your Shepard romanced her in Mass Effect.

Major Plot Decisions[]

  • Sparing or killing Wrex during the Virmire: Wrex and the Genophage confrontation.
    • If Wrex survived, he returns to Tuchanka and has united all the krogan under Clan Urdnot to combat the genophage and strengthen the krogan. If Wrex is killed (or if the player doesn't import), the more traditional Urdnot Wreav becomes the leader of Clan Urdnot, and little changes for the krogan.
  • Deciding the fate of the Council during the battle with Sovereign, and the nomination of either Captain Anderson or Donnel Udina to the Council.
    • If the Council is saved with either Anderson or Udina as a representative, Shepard is granted an audience with the Council and has the opportunity to be reinstated as a Spectre. If the Council was not saved, then Shepard will not be granted an audience with the Council, but Shepard will still be reinstated as a Spectre only if Anderson was made a Councilor. If the Council was not saved, aliens you meet on the Citadel will be somewhat bitter against humanity, and Avina will have a fascist streak, repeatedly notifying Shepard that certain inquiries have been forwarded to C-Sec, and to surrender if approached for arrest.
    • Note: The nomination of Anderson or Udina to the Council is not included in the save file; rather, when importing a character from Mass Effect, the player must actually tell Miranda whether Anderson or Udina was nominated to the Council after their escape from the Cerberus facility. This is because of a design oversight, where the point of decision for the first Human councilor in the first game occurs after the gamesave for transfer is made. In the Legendary Edition release the choice is correctly imported and the conversation never happens.
    • If the Council was saved in Mass Effect, the following text is displayed after the first cutscene showing a conversation between The Illusive Man and Miranda Lawson:

“One month after the devastating geth attack on the Citadel, the galactic community struggles to rebuild.

The Alliance fleet made a tremendous sacrifice to save the Citadel Council and earned humanity membership in this prestigious group. Now the Council is forced to respond to evidence that the Reapers -- enormous machines that eradicate all organic civilization every 50,000 years have returned. To quell the rumors, the Council has sent Commander Shepard and the Normandy to wipe out the last pockets of geth resistance. Officially, they blame the invasion on the geth and their leader, a rogue Spectre.

But for those who know the truth, the search for answers is just beginning.”

  • If the Councilors are killed in Mass Effect, and replaced by a multi-racial group led by the humans, the following text is displayed:

“In 2183, the heart of the galactic community suffered a devastating attack.

The Citadel space station was invaded by a synthetic geth army attempting to open a portal for the Reapers: enormous machines that eradicate all organic civilization every 50,000 years. Commander Shepard led the defense, but the Citadel Council was lost.

Now, the new human-led Council attempts to quell rumors of the Reapers' return. Hoping to ease public concern, they've sent Commander Shepard and the starship Normandy to wipe out all remaining geth resistance.”

  • If the Councilors are killed in Mass Effect, and replaced by an all-human Council, the following text is displayed:

“One month after the devastating geth attack on the Citadel, humanity seized political control of the galaxy.

Now the human-led Council is forced to respond to evidence that the Reapers -- enormous machines that eradicate all advanced civilizations every 50,000 years — have returned. To quell the rumors, the Council has sent Commander Shepard and the Normandy to wipe out the last pockets of geth resistance. Officially, they blame the invasion on the geth and their leader, a rogue Spectre.

But for those who know the truth, the search for answers is just beginning.”

Other Plot Decisions[]

  • Sparing or killing Fist on the Citadel.
    • If Fist is spared, Shepard encounters him at Afterlife, where Fist angrily admonishes Shepard for ruining his life and making the effort of harassing him across the galaxy despite him being a small time criminal.
  • Sparing or killing the colonists and Shiala on Feros.
    • If sufficient numbers of colonists survived, or if Shepard persuaded Ethan Jeong to commit ExoGeni resources toward rebuilding the colony, Shepard encounters a representative of the colonists on Illium who need help extricating themselves from a medical contract. If Shiala was spared, she is the representative. (Note: Even if the Thorian enslaved colonists are killed but Shiala is spared, Shiala still references Shepard saving them.)
  • Sparing or killing the Rachni Queen on Noveria.
    • If the Rachni Queen is set free, she will send a message through an asari on the planet Illium conveying her gratitude, with further dialogue ensuing. There is a news report of small scout ships seemingly rachni in design that, when approached, quickly retreat.
    • If the Rachni Queen is killed, Galactic News will instead report of data recovered from Peak 15 linking to cloning of rachni, but no rachni found.
  • Aiding, ignoring or betraying Gianna Parasini on Noveria.
    • If Shepard aided Gianna, she is found on Illium where she again requests help, and will buy Shepard the promised beer. If a male Shepard aids her, she will additionally give him a kiss.
    • This assignment also appears with an imported save file where you got what you needed via another method that did not involve Gianna, though a male Shepard will not be able to receive a kiss.
    • This assignment will not appear if no imported file is used, or if a file is imported where she was turned down during Mass Effect, causing her to be killed.
  • Encouraging Garrus to be more paragon or renegade.
    • If Paragon, Garrus will have attempted to rejoin C-Sec but lament that he could do little good there in the chaotic aftermath of the attack on the Citadel; during his loyalty mission, if Shepard questions his plan he will say that killing Sidonis is something he must do. If Renegade, Garrus will have trained to become a Spectre but will claim that it never worked out; during his loyalty mission, if Shepard questions the plan Garrus will be confused.
  • Helping Tali with her personal pilgrimage assignment.
    • When first encountering her on Freedom's Progress, mentioning the gift of the geth data can serve to prove Shepard's identity. This will also change the dialogue at the end of the encounter if that particular dialogue choice is selected.
  • Aiding or ignoring Captain Kirrahe on Virmire.
    • A dialogue option will open during which Mordin Solus will reference Kirrahe's "Hold the Line" speech during ship conversation if a Mass Effect save is imported. The dialogue will change slightly depending on whether or not Kirrahe survived the mission.

Assignment Decisions[]

These result merely in e-mails to private terminal or news reports unless noted otherwise.

If the assignment was completed in Mass Effect, an email will be received in Mass Effect 2, in which Dr. Michel says that she is happy that Shepard is alive and hopes the Commander can visit her on the Citadel.
  • Shepard's advice to Rebekah Petrovsky regarding her baby in Citadel: Family Matter.
    • Their conversation can be overheard in one of the shops on the Citadel, which differs depending on Shepard's advice. This conversation occurs in Mass Effect 2 without an imported save file.
  • Shepard's interaction with Helena Blake in UNC: Hostile Takeover.
    • If Blake survived in Mass Effect, Shepard will run into her at Afterlife on Omega. The dialogue will vary depending on how Shepard resolved the mission.
  • Shepard's interaction with Corporal Toombs in UNC: Dead Scientists.
    • If Shepard convinced Toombs to spare the Cerberus scientist, a news report will say that Cerberus is being investigated with help from testimony from both Toombs and Dr. Wayne. If Dr. Wayne dies, Toombs' accusations are dismissed due to a lack of evidence.
  • While Shepard's actions in UNC: Geth Incursions have no effect on Mass Effect 2, hacking geth data files during the mission is necessary to trigger Tali's personal mission, which does have an effect on Mass Effect 2.
  • If the entire string of Cerberus assignments (UNC: Missing MarinesUNC: CerberusUNC: Hades' Dogs) are completed, you can talk with Miranda about these activities, and will hear news reports about an investigation, which can involve additional testimony from UNC: Dead Scientists depending on how or whether you completed that assignment. Finishing every assignment will cause Garrus to question Shepard's choice to work with Cerberus, reminding Shepard about the experiments they had done.
  • Shepard's decision in UNC: Hostage.
    • If Burns is saved, Shepard will receive an email from him thanking Shepard for showing him he should help humanity. The news report will mention that L2s have recently received reparations, with Burns promising more help. If Burns dies, the report will state that attacks by biotic extremists have increased.
  • Shepard's completion of UNC: Rogue VI.
    • This allows for additional dialogue options with EDI and Miranda regarding AIs.
  • A news report will reference the events on UNC: Besieged Base, but due to a bug in the first game, the file is flagged as stating that the Sirta Foundation never recovered from the attack and will likely be shutting down.
  • Shepard's decision to aid Nassana Dantius in UNC: Asari Diplomacy.
    • Nassana will recognize Shepard, and comment on the irony that Shepard has been "sent to kill her", referencing her sister's murder. During Shepard's conversation with Seryna, Shepard recognizes Nassana's name and that Nassana had Shepard kill her sister. Otherwise, Seryna will mention that Nassana had someone else do it.
  • Saving the hostages or killing Balak during Bring Down the Sky (DLC).
    • There will be different news reports depending on whether or not Shepard let Balak go to save the hostages. If Bring Down the Sky was not played, the news story indicates that the hostages died.

Mass Effect 2 → Mass Effect 2 (Existing Characters, New Characters)[]

After completing a full playthrough of Mass Effect 2 for the very first time (regardless of whether this was done with an imported Mass Effect character) all Mass Effect 2 characters, new or existing, will receive the following bonuses at the start of any new game:

In addition to the above bonuses, existing Mass Effect 2 characters that are imported from a save file (New Game+) get to keep all obtained weapons (exception: the M-12 Locust will not transfer), heavy weapons, and armor pieces. They will also start the new game at the same level they were at the conclusion of the prior playthrough. On the downside, it is impossible to change a character's class in a New Game+; it is likewise impossible to change the weapon specialization that was chosen during the Collector Ship mission of that character's first Mass Effect 2 playthrough as this training along with any new weapons obtained from it are carried over. Another downside of importing an existing Mass Effect 2 character is that Paragon/Renegade scores will start from zero, even if the character was one that was originally imported from the first Mass Effect.

Note: During the two prologue missions of a New Game+, Shepard is still equipped with the basic default weapons; however, Miranda and Jacob will have whatever weapons they were equipped with in the imported save file. Only after boarding the Normandy SR-2 will you be able to edit Shepard's loadout and access any imported weapons.

Warning: If your character was an import from Mass Effect, and you start a New Game+ while Mass Effect: Genesis is installed, then Genesis will play after the Prologue, and your character will be treated as if it was not a Mass Effect import; your New Game+ will instead be affected only by the choices Genesis allows you to make.

Mass Effect → Mass Effect 2 → Mass Effect 3[]

As with Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 allows the player to transfer their save from the previous game, carrying over their character and plot decisions. In addition to importing Mass Effect 2 plot decisions, Mass Effect 3 imports any Mass Effect or Mass Effect: Genesis decisions that were imported into Mass Effect 2. However, Mass Effect 3 will not accept a Mass Effect 2 save game where Shepard was killed at the conclusion of the suicide mission; Mass Effect 2 is considered the end of the main series for that Shepard.

Mass Effect 3 reportedly imports over a thousand variables from a Mass Effect 2 save game.[2]

Character Transfer[]

When importing a Mass Effect 2 character into Mass Effect 3, the character will be brought forward exactly as it was left off. A level 30 character in Mass Effect 2 that is imported into Mass Effect 3 will retain its level and abilities, and can immediately start working toward the new level cap of 60.[3] Any credits that an imported character had in Mass Effect 2 will be reset in Mass Effect 3.[4]

New players will be given an approximation of what they would have had at the conclusion of Mass Effect 2.[5]

Reset Powers with Transfer[]

As mentioned above, if the user imports a ME2 character into ME3 and chooses the same class that he or she had in ME2, the character will retain a close approximation of the abilities / powers from ME2; most ability points will already have been spent on certain class powers. If he/she chooses a different class, the ability points will all be reset and ready to spend in ME3.

If the user wants to play the same class but start the game fresh with all ability points ready to spend, he/she could use this workaround: In ME2, reset the skill points for the character using the regular method in the Normandy Tech Lab. Refrain from spending any points. Save the game, and then use that savefile when importing to ME3. Since no points were spent in ME2, they will all be available to spend in ME3.

Collectibles and Upgrades[]

If the player bought pet fish in Mass Effect 2, and if the player convinced Kelly Chambers to feed them, the fish may be recovered after relocating Kelly Chambers in Mass Effect 3. Most of the fish may also be re-purchased.

For Model ships, the player will be able to find them hidden in storage crates throughout the Normandy and initial missions. If the space hamster was purchased, the player will find it scurrying on the bottom level of Engineering. One will need to position Shepard along the hamster's path in order to grab it and place it back in its cage in the Captain's quarters.

In terms of gameplay upgrades, only the primary ship upgrades for the Normandy SR-2 (Heavy Ship Armor, Multicore Shielding, and Thanix Cannon) will transfer to Mass Effect 3. Other gameplay upgrades such as research upgrades will not transfer.[6]

The surplus of any mineral resources in Mass Effect 2 will be converted to war assets, depending on the amount.

Major Plot Decisions[]

Mass Effect[]

The following major choices from Mass Effect are imported into Mass Effect 3, and have a visible effect on the game.

  • Rescuing Kaidan Alenko or Ashley Williams during the Virmire mission.
    • Whichever character survived will accept a promotion to Spectre and can be made a squad member.[5][7]
  • Sparing or killing Wrex during the Virmire: Wrex and the Genophage confrontation.
    • Wrex will not appear if he was killed.[5] As a result of his death, his clan will fall under control of his brood brother, Urdnot Wreav. Wrex, being someone who wishes to save his people, will open up communications with other clans and enter into agreements. His brother will wage war like a normal krogan, slaughtering his enemies, and will be generally less trusting of Shepard. (If Wrex appears, Wreav will appear in a minor role.)
  • Sparing or killing the Rachni Queen on Noveria.[7] If you spare her, an asari ally of the Rachni Queen will make contact with you in Mass Effect 2 when you are on Illium. The Rachni Queen will appear again in Mass Effect 3, where she was captured by the Reapers and restrained. Her children are indoctrinated and turned into Reaper forces. You can choose whether to save her again or let her die. If she was killed in Mass Effect, the Breeder will appear in her stead, who will betray you if saved in Mass Effect 3.
  • Saving or killing the Council during the Race Against Time: Final Battle
    • If the Council was saved, the Alliance's fleets will be of diminished value as War Assets, due to the damage they took in the battle, but Destiny Ascension will become available as War Asset and will be present during the final battle on Earth. If the Council was left to die, the situation will be reversed. There will also be new turian, asari and salarian Council members for Shepard to interact with. If Thane or Kirrahe saves the salarian councilor from Kai Leng, Shepard receives a different War Asset depending on whether it's the old salarian councilor (Shepard receives a stronger War Asset) or whether it's the new salarian councilor (Shepard receives a weaker War Asset).

Mass Effect 2[]

The following major choices from Mass Effect 2 are imported into Mass Effect 3, and have a visible effect on the game.

  • The outcome of the Suicide Mission.
    • If Garrus and Tali survived, they are available as squad members.
    • If Grunt, Jack, Jacob, Kasumi, Legion, Morinth, Mordin, Miranda, Samara, Thane, and Zaeed survived, they appear in some capacity. Some may be killed over the course of these appearances if their loyalty missions were not completed.
    • If you sold Legion to Cerberus, it will be an enemy when you assault the Cerberus base.
    • If the Normandy's crew survived, Kelly Chambers, Kenneth, Gabby, and Dr. Chakwas will appear; the latter three can become crewmembers. Kelly will only make an appearance provided she survived the Suicide Mission and Shepard had dinner with her.
  • Saving or destroying Maelon's genophage research data during Mordin: Old Blood will have consequences for Eve, the single krogan female his research made fertile.
  • Rewriting or destroying the heretic geth collective during Legion: A House Divided.
    • If the heretics are rewritten, the strengthened geth will provide more Military Strength but cause more damage to the quarian fleet, diminishing the quarian War Assets.
    • If the heretics are destroyed, the quarians will suffer smaller losses than expected and provide more Military Strength, while the weakened geth forces will provide less Military Strength.
  • Killing or Saving Morinth during Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi.
    • If Samara was saved, Morinth will not appear due to her death. Samara will show up to help you in a later mission, as well as greet you on the Citadel. She can also become a War Asset.
    • If Morinth was saved, she will send a message to your private terminal aboard the Normandy. She will eventually be met on Earth as an enemy Banshee.
  • Destroying or preserving the Collector Base during the Suicide Mission.
    • If the Collector Base was destroyed, after the assault on the Cerberus base in Mass Effect 3 Shepard will obtain the "Reaper Heart" War Asset with a Military Strength of 100. If the player did not obtain enough Military Strength to receive multiple options at the end of the game, they will be forced to pick the "Destroy" choice.
    • If the Collector Base was preserved, after the assault on the Cerberus base in Mass Effect 3 Shepard will obtain the "Reaper Brain" War Asset with a Military Strength of 110. If the player did not obtain enough Military Strength to receive multiple options at the end of the game, they will be forced to pick the "Control" choice.

Other Plot Decisions[]

Mass Effect[]

  • Saving the hostages or killing Balak during Bring Down the Sky (DLC).
    • If the hostages were saved and Balak was not killed (or if he was left for dead), he will appear during the Citadel: Batarian Codes mission.
  • Meeting Conrad Verner, collecting Matriarch Dilinaga's writings, the Elkoss Combine License, and Gavin Hossle's thumb drive gives an opportunity to acquire an additional 5 War Asset points during Citadel: Medi-Gel Sabotage. Helping Jenna will also affect the mission's outcome.
  • Collecting Wrex's armor will be mentioned in dialog when he attacks you if you sabotage the genophage cure.
  • Punching Khalisah al-Jilani or not.
  • Shutting down the Rogue VI on Luna will affect dialogue during Priority: Cerberus Headquarters.
  • Aiding or ignoring Captain Kirrahe on Virmire. If he survived, Captain Kirrahe will be a war asset. If Thane does not survive the Mass Effect 2 suicide mission, Kirrahe will sacrifice himself to save the salarian Council member on the Citadel. Or if Kirrahe and Thane are both dead, the Salarian Council member will be killed.
  • If the colonists of Zhu's Hope and Shiala are saved in Feros: The Thorian then they can become war assets.
  • Saving or killing Rana Thanoptis on Virmire. If she is saved, an email will be sent to you telling you that she was indoctrinated and that she killed several high level asari officials.
  • The nomination of either David Anderson or Donnel Udina to the Council.
    • Regardless of who was Councilor in Mass Effect 2, Udina will be Councilor in Mass Effect 3 due to events in Mass Effect: Retribution. However, the Codex will acknowledge if Anderson or Udina was Councilor in Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect 2[]

Mass Effect 3 → Mass Effect 3 (Existing Characters)[]

After completing Mass Effect 3 the player can import their Mass Effect 3 character into a new Mass Effect 3 game. Doing so will import the character with their class, level, powers, and reputation as they were at the end of the previous playthrough. The player will have the opportunity to change their appearance and select a new bonus power, but class cannot be changed. All points assigned to the bonus power during the previous playthrough, except one, will be refunded, with the bonus power starting at level 1.

The player will retain all weapons, armor sets and pieces, weapon mods, and credits accumulated during the previous playthrough, and the maximum level for weapon upgrades is increased from V (5) to X (10). War Assets and Intel Terminal upgrades will not be imported and must be reacquired.

Also, if there were living fish in the tank by the time the previous game was completed, importing a completed Mass Effect 3 character who has obtained the Prejek Paddlefish from Kelly Chambers (which requires an import from Mass Effect 2 in which the player owned a Prejek Paddlefish and got Kelly Chambers to feed their fish) into a new Mass Effect 3 game will cause the player to start the new game with the "Prejek Paddlefish" Intel for Glyph to upgrade. The player can choose a bonus of either Weapon Damage 10% or Power Damage 10%.

Mass Effect: Andromeda → Mass Effect: Andromeda (Existing Characters)[]

After completing Mass Effect: Andromeda, it is possible to import a Mass Effect: Andromeda character into a new Mass Effect: Andromeda game.

To import a character, go to the main menu, select new game and then new game+.

  • Any save that was made after the main story was completed may be selected to import.
  • The opportunity to customize the character in the same way as when starting a new game, including the Pathfinder's gender, is again possible.

When a character is imported into a new game+, the following categories are carried over exactly as they were in the selected save game: