Schells is a salarian inventor who gambles occasionally at Flux.

Doran, Flux's owner, catches Schells using a scanner on the quasar machines that slightly improves the chance of winning, and thus ejects him from Flux for cheating. Schells then starts gathering information for a cheating system he has been developing for the past five years; he plans to sell his system and make a fortune.

Schells asks Commander Shepard to help him acquire the last few results from the quasar machines so he can complete the algorithms. If Shepard accepts, the Commander can gather data while evading the suspicious Doran, then return the scanner to Schells, receiving a reward. Alternatively, Shepard can give the scanner to Doran. Schells is dismayed that five years of work have been wasted, asking "What am I going to do now?" The squad can offer suggestions as to how he can put his talents to better use, but Schells is unimpressed with their advice.

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