Disambiguous This article is about the human enemy called Scientist in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. For the asari enemy of the same name in Mass Effect, see Scientist (asari).
Scientists are a unique enemy that can only be found during the UNC: ExoGeni Facility assignment on Nodacrux in Mass Effect, and during Arrival in Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect Edit

Upon confrontation, the lead scientist will attempt to bribe Shepard in exchange for letting them go. If Shepard accepts, no fight occurs. However, if Shepard attempts to arrest them, the lead scientist will order her men to open fire.

Tactics Edit

The Scientists have little health, no shields, and are only armed with a pistol. They will tend to stay in cover because of this and only pop out to take potshots at their opponents.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

In the Arrival assignment, one scientist is encountered in the medical bay area of Project Base. Commander Shepard uses a remote-controlled LOKI Mech to kill the scientist and destroy the medical bay's security systems.

Tactics Edit

The mech which you must utilize to combat the enemies in this situation has no powers nor any weapons beyond the M-4 Shuriken and has limited durability along with a slow movement speed. Fortunately, you can access a replacement mech whenever your current one is destroyed from the same terminal. You can perform this an unlimited number of times until Shepard's freedom from the room has been gained, after which the terminal is disabled.

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