Disambiguous This article is about the asari enemy called Scientist in Mass Effect. For the human enemy of the same name in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, see Scientist.

The Scientist is an asari assistant to the krogan Doctor Droyas. She is assisting the doctor in providing Saren Arterius with a cure to the krogan genophage.

During the assault on Saren's base on Virmire, Shepard and the squad run across her (titled "Scientist") in Droyas' upper-level genophage lab. When she notices Shepard, she wonders aloud concerning the whereabouts of the guards.

Tactics Edit

  • Because she is an asari you can expect biotic attacks; also, she is armed with an assault rifle and a shotgun, so she can supply serious firepower alongside her krogan colleague.
  • For defense, however, she only has weak shielding and moderate health, so taking her down shouldn't be too difficult. Use cover and swift motion to avoid her attacks, and quickly let loose bullets or powers (such as biotics) to neutralize her - but beware the Doctor and his husks.
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