Disambiguous This article is about the system in Mass Effect 3 to recover War Assets. For the system used to scan planets for resources in Mass Effect 2, see Planet Scanning.

Search and Rescue is a system in Mass Effect 3 that replaces the Planet Scanning mini-game from Mass Effect 2. The Normandy SR-2 is equipped with a new and improved scanning pulse that can detect objects of interest. This can be used to uncover War Assets, artifacts, intel, and salvage as the player flies around a system. The effective range of a pulse is limited, so multiple scans are often required to cover an entire system. Objects of interest can be found in numerous celestial bodies and oftentimes in the empty spaces between planets as well: wreckage floating around and initially unseen on the Galaxy Map can also be salvaged for fuel.

Mechanics Edit

The scanning itself is done by a push of a button wherein a pulse originates out from the ship for a short distance revealing anything of interest within its effective range. Once a point of interest is found, be it something on a planet or a wreck in space, it shows up with a marker that allows the player to fly to it. When flying over a wreck, the player may interact with the object by investigating it. If the object is on a planet, the Normandy must be flown into the planet's atmosphere. From here, the player may scan the planet's surface in a manner similar to the Planet Scanning system of Mass Effect 2. When the point of interest is located, a probe must be sent out to retrieve it.

It is possible to find and salvage non-planet-based wreckage without using the scanner. When the Normandy flies past wreckage, a sound can be heard. The player can then double click (on the PC) on that spot to salvage the fuel from the wreckage without having first scanned it. Note that salvaging wreckage in this manner will not cause the "XX% Assets Recovered" indicator to be displayed, although it will be updated if it is already displayed.

In total, 1290 War Assets can be obtained from the Search and Rescue system, with an additional 200 from Mass Effect 3: Leviathan, 440 from artifacts, and 50 from completing Aria: Blue Suns using the Paragon route. A total of 100,000 credits can be salvaged, with an additional 10,000 from Mass Effect 3: Leviathan and 170,000 from artifacts. In addition, 7 Intel items can be found.

Reaper detection Edit

Every scanning sweep done in a system that does not contain a mission fills a small meter that indicates the Reapers' growing awareness of the Normandy's location. This bar fills faster or slower depending on how many entry points to the system the Reapers have, and how close to them the player is when the Scanner is used. Once the meter fills, all Reapers occupying the system enter it, and chase the Normandy. The only way to evade capture and destruction by the Reapers is to exit the system, either by reaching the system boundaries or by reaching the mass relay in a gateway system. Reaper awareness meters on all compromised systems are reset after completing a mission.

Although Reapers will eventually reach higher speed than the Normandy, their initial movements are slow. One can easily scan the system quickly to find all the points of interest and then evade the Reapers. Reapers do not advance on you as you investigate a place of interest. However, it is not suggested that you conduct a mission while Reapers are in your system. Note that sending a scanning pulse will momentarily decrease your speed slightly.

The location of your ship when re-entering an alarmed system depends on the way your ship faces before entering: the Normandy will enter the system at such a point that the ship's FRONT will face towards the CENTRAL STAR, and the ship will be facing the same direction it does on the cluster map. This can be used to great advantage if you know about a point of interest near the edge of the star system - fly out of the system (to the cluster map), and with a tiny engine burst, orient yourself in the appropriate direction. When you click on "Enter system", you will be near the point of interest and can retrieve it before Reapers even reappear.

Detection Types Edit

Note: The identity of an object found on a planet is only revealed after a probe has been launched to its location.

Resource Upgrades
Wrecks Wrecks of various types of vessels, contains fuel.
Military Units (Planets) A military unit, either ground forces or a ship is found that has evaded the Reapers.
Upgrades (Planets) Some kind of upgrade is found on the planet.
Objects (Planets) Some type of object is found, triggering a side mission.
Credit Caches (Planets) A credit cache is found on the planet.

Planet Scanning Guide Edit

This table contains the locations of various wrecks, war assets, upgrades, credits or mission specific items, listed by cluster, system, and planet. Locations not on this list do not have any searchable objects.

If JavaScript is enabled, the columns may be sorted by clicking on the up/down arrow icons in the column headers.

Cluster System Location War Asset
Aethon Cluster Aru Irune Artifact: Book of Plenix
Aethon Cluster Aru West of Irune, north-west of asteroid belt Wreckage - 200 fuel
Aethon Cluster Aru Cherk Sab Volus Fabrication Units
Aethon Cluster Esori Solu Paolis Volus Dreadnought Kwunu
Aethon Cluster Esori East-south-east of star, between 3rd and 4th ring Wreckage - 300 fuel
Aethon Cluster Nura Oma Ker Intel: Volus Intelligence Archives
Aethon Cluster Nura Northeast of Star, before 3rd ring Wreckage - 250 fuel
Aethon Cluster Satu Arrd Nalisin Volus Engineering Team
Aethon Cluster Satu Arrd West-southwest of star, near 3rd ring Wreckage - 200 fuel
Apien Crest Castellus South of Fiax, East of Nios Wreckage - 350 fuel
Apien Crest Castellus Digeris Artifact: Banner of the 1st Regiment
Apien Crest Gemmae Pheiros Turian 79th Flotilla
Apien Crest Gemmae South of Pheiros Wreckage - 800 fuel
Apien Crest Gemmae West of Pheiros Wreckage - 750 fuel
Arcturus Stream Arcturus Arcturus Station Intel: Intel from Battle of Arcturus
Arcturus Stream Arcturus West of Themis Wreckage - 350 fuel
Arcturus Stream Euler Southwest of Yukawa Wreckage - 100 fuel
Argos Rho Gorgon Camaron Advanced Power Relays
Argos Rho Hydra South of Star, 2nd ring Wreckage - 270 fuel
Argos Rho Hydra Canrum Haptic Optics Array
Argos Rho Phoenix Pinnacle Station Turian Spec Ops Team
Argos Rho Phoenix Intai'sei Artifact: Fossilized Kakliosaur
Argos Rho Phoenix East-north-east of Intai'sei Wreckage - 450 fuel
Athena Nebula Ialessa East of star, between third and fourth ring Wreckage - 500 fuel
Athena Nebula Ialessa Trikalon Asari Engineers
Athena Nebula Orisoni Egalic Asari Research Ships
Athena Nebula Orisoni East-southeast of star, between second and third ring Wreckage - 350 fuel
Athena Nebula Parnitha Tevura Asari Cruiser Cybaen
Athena Nebula Tomaros South of Niagolon Wreckage - 200 fuel
Athena Nebula Tomaros Pronoia Asari Cruiser Nefrane
Athena Nebula Vernio Polissa Artifact: Hesperia Period Statue
Athena Nebula Vernio Northeast of star, just past asteroid belt Wreckage - 400 fuel
Attican Beta Hercules Eletania Interferometric Array
Attican Beta Hercules Southeast of star, between 2nd and 3rd ring Wreckage - 370 fuel
Attican Beta Theseus Feros ExoGeni Scientists
Attican Beta Theseus Northeast of star, east of Feros Wreckage - 240 fuel
Caleston Rift Aysur North-north-east of the star, just outside fourth ring Wreckage - 150 fuel1
Caleston Rift Balor North of the star, between second and third ring Wreckage - 350 fuel1
Caleston Rift Balor Bres (asteroid belt north of star) Synthdiamond Heat Sinks1
Crescent Nebula Lusarn Beyalt (asteroid belt northwest of star) Salvage - 10,000 credits1
Crescent Nebula Lusarn East of star and southwest of Tarith, between third and fourth ring Wreckage - 150 fuel1
Crescent Nebula Tasale Illium Liquid Assets1
Crescent Nebula Tasale North of Illium, just above the third ring Wreckage - 350 fuel1
Exodus Cluster Asgard Tyr Alliance Naval Exploration Flotilla
Exodus Cluster Asgard Terra Nova Alliance Cruiser Shanghai
Exodus Cluster Asgard Loki Alliance Spec Ops Team Delta
Exodus Cluster Asgard Northwest of star, between third and fourth ring Wreckage - 250 fuel
Exodus Cluster Asgard Borr Intel: Remains of Reaper Destroyer
Exodus Cluster Utopia South of Eden Prime, between second and third ring Wreckage - 200 fuel
Exodus Cluster Utopia Zion Prothean Data Files
Gemini Sigma Han East of star, between fourth and fifth ring Wreckage - 470 fuel
Gemini Sigma Han Mavigon Salvage - 10,000 credits
Gemini Sigma Ming Southeast of star, below Antiroprus Wreckage - 320 fuel
Gemini Sigma Ming Parag Alliance Cruiser Nairobi, Alliance Third Fleet
Hades Gamma Antaeus Southwest of the Mass Relay, between the fifth and sixth ring Wreckage - 300 fuel
Hades Gamma Antaeus Trebin Salvage - 10,000 credits
Hades Gamma Cacus Chohe Salvage - 10,000 credits
Hades Gamma Cacus West of Xamarri, between fourth and fifth ring Wreckage - 400 fuel
Hades Gamma Dis Northeast of Nearrum Wreckage - 200 fuel
Hades Gamma Dis Klensal Salvage - 10,000 credits
Hades Gamma Farinata Between star and Juntauma Wreckage - 200 fuel
Hades Gamma Farinata Juntauma Alliance Frigate Agincourt, Alliance First Fleet
Hades Gamma Plutus Nonuel Special Ops Team Zeta, 103rd Marine Division
Hades Nexus Hekate East of star and Southwest of Mass Relay, between second and third rings Wreckage - 380 fuel
Hades Nexus Hekate Asteria Alliance Frigate Hong Kong, Alliance Fifth Fleet
Hades Nexus Hoplos Kopis Artifact: Obelisk of Karza
Hades Nexus Hoplos West of star, near fourth ring Wreckage - 250 fuel
Hades Nexus Pamyat Dobrovolski Alliance Frigate Leipzig, Alliance First Fleet
Hades Nexus Pamyat South of star, between third ring and asteroid belt Wreckage - 100 fuel
Hades Nexus Sheol Gei Hinnom Artifact: Prothean Sphere
Hourglass Nebula Faryar Alingon Shadow Broker Starship Tech
Hourglass Nebula Faryar Northwest of Alingon Wreckage - 600 fuel
Hourglass Nebula Osun Erinle Salvage - 10,000 credits
Hourglass Nebula Osun Southwest of Erinle Wreckage - 100 fuel
Hourglass Nebula Ploitari Zanethu Terminus Freighters
Hourglass Nebula Sowilo Hagalaz Shadow Broker Support Team
Hourglass Nebula Sowilo North of star (Between 4th & 5th Rings) Wreckage - 200 fuel
Ismar Frontier Aquila Metaponto Intel: Advanced Biotic Implants
Kite's Nest Harsa Verush Intel: Weapon Upgrade Kit
Kite's Nest Harsa West of Verush Wreckage - 300 fuel
Kite's Nest Harsa Khar'shan Artifact: Pillars of Strength
Kite's Nest Indris Cholis Governor Grothan Pazness1
Kite's Nest Indris North North-East of star just outside second ring Wreckage - 300 fuel1
Kite's Nest Untrel Adek Salvage - 10,000 credits
Kite's Nest Untrel Southwest of Adek Wreckage - 100 fuel
Kite's Nest Vular Vana Black Market Artifacts
Kite's Nest Vular Northwest of star, third ring Wreckage - 150 fuel
Krogan DMZ Dranek Rothla Shadow Broker Wet Squad
Krogan DMZ Dranek Southeast of star, between second and third ring Wreckage - 200 fuel
Krogan DMZ Nith Northeast of star, between first and second ring Wreckage - 300 fuel
Minos Wasteland Fortis South of Mass Relay Wreckage - 200 fuel
Minos Wasteland Fortis Pietas Salvage - 10,000 credits
Nimbus Cluster Agaiou Carcosa Artifact: Library of Asha
Nimbus Cluster Kallini South of Pania Wreckage - 300 fuel
Nimbus Cluster Pelion South of Aitis Wreckage - 650 fuel
Nimbus Cluster Pelion Trategos Intel: Intact Reaper Weapon
Nimbus Cluster Pelion Northeast of Trategos Wreckage - 750 fuel
Nimbus Cluster Pelion Northwest of Sthenia Wreckage - 750 fuel
Nubian Expanse Dakka Pragia Intel: Research Data from Pragia
Nubian Expanse Dakka Southeast of star, between 3rd and 4th ring. Wreckage - 350 fuel
Nubian Expanse Kalabsha Yamm Alliance Marine Recon Unit, 103rd Marine Division
Nubian Expanse Kalabsha Northeast of star, between 1st and 2nd ring Wreckage - 300 fuel
Nubian Expanse Qertassi Norehsa Alliance Frigate Trafalgar, Alliance Third Fleet
Nubian Expanse Qertassi Northeast of Norehsa Wreckage - 50 fuel
Pylos Nebula Dirada Sineus Radiation Shielding Sheath1
Pylos Nebula Dirada Northeast of the star and south-southeast of Sineus Wreckage - 250 fuel1
Pylos Nebula Nariph Isale Jovian Dissertation1
Pylos Nebula Nariph Northeast of the star, between first and second ring Wreckage - 300 fuel1
Pylos Nebula Zaherin South of the outermost planet Rotesk, just outside third ring Wreckage - 350 fuel1
The Shrike Abyssal Kyzil Heshtok Void Devils Fighter Wing1
The Shrike Abyssal Kyzil South of Rustaka Wreckage - 350 fuel1
The Shrike Abyssal Thal West of the star, between first and second ring Wreckage - 400 fuel1
The Shrike Abyssal Thal Tyrix (North part of the asteroid belt closest to star) Vorcha Labor Team1
The Shrike Abyssal Urla Rast Talis Fia Artifact: Prothean Obelisk
The Shrike Abyssal Urla Rast Northeast of star near outermost orbital ring Wreckage - 300 fuel
The Shrike Abyssal Xe Cha Zada Ban Salvage - 10,000 credits
The Shrike Abyssal Xe Cha Southeast of star, between second and third ring Wreckage - 150 fuel
Sigurd's Cradle Decoris Laena Salvage - 10,000 credits
Sigurd's Cradle Decoris Southern part of Decoris between the orbital rings Wreckage - 350 fuel
Sigurd's Cradle Lenal Triginta Petra Dextro Rations1
Sigurd's Cradle Mil Chalkhos Husk Neural Map1
Sigurd's Cradle Skepsis Watson Javelin Missile Launchers
Sigurd's Cradle Skepsis East-northeast of Crick, near outermost ring Wreckage - 200 fuel
Silean Nebula Kypladon Hanalei Dr. Jelize
Silean Nebula Loropi East of Wreckage, just outside 1st ring Wreckage - 300 fuel
Silean Nebula Loropi Yasilium Armali Sniper Unit
Silean Nebula Nahuala Hyetiana Serrice Guard
Silean Nebula Nahuala West of Agessia, between 2nd ring and asteroid belt Wreckage - 250 fuel
Silean Nebula Phontes Dekuuna Artifact: Code of the Ancients
Silean Nebula Phontes Oltan Elcor Flotilla
Silean Nebula Phontes East of Lenamund - South of Telluune, between second and third rings Wreckage - 175 fuel
Silean Nebula Teyolia Nevos Artifact: Rings of Alune
Silean Nebula Teyolia Quirezia Salvage - 10,000 credits
Silean Nebula Teyolia East-southeast of star - between 3rd and 4th ring Wreckage - 375 fuel
Valhallan Threshold Micah Elohi Emergency Fuel Pods
Valhallan Threshold Micah Farlas (in asteroid belt) Element Zero Converter
Valhallan Threshold Micah Southeast of star, near asteroid belt Wreckage - 340 fuel
Valhallan Threshold Paz Garvug Artifact: Prothean Data Disks
Valhallan Threshold Paz East of star Wreckage - 160 fuel
Valhallan Threshold Raheel-Leyya Northeast of larger star Wreckage - 95 fuel

1 Requires Mass Effect 3: Leviathan

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