The Seeker Plague is a Collector unit encountered in Mass Effect 3. It is an enhanced variant of the Seeker Swarm. Possessed Collector Captains deploy plagues to paralyze opponents.

Capabilities Edit


Once launched, a Seeker Plague targets players in order to explode near them. If a player is caught in the Plague, they will take a significant amount of damage and their powers will be disabled for a short length of time. Their explosion will also significantly decrease the accuracy of any and all players caught within the blast.


Seeker Plagues are relatively weak enemies, but they do possess a barrier for added protection. Their speed and small size make them hard to hit and can allow them to sneak up on players.

Tactics Edit

  • Area-of-effect attacks and rapid-fire weapons allow a player to take them down, even if their attacks are less than accurate.
  • They can be taken down relatively quickly with powers that damage barriers, such as Warp, Concussive Shot, and Overload.
  • A characteristic buzzing sound is an indicator of this enemy's presence.
  • On occasion, Pull can instantly kill an unprotected seeker plague.
  • Power-Oriented classes should deal with Seeker Plagues quickly as it will severely hamper their combat effectiveness while they are making a nuisance of themselves.
  • A Singularity can be used against a group of seekers to lock them down for extended periods of time. Due to the fact that seekers will never dodge it, Singularity is extremely effective at locking down and arresting their erratic movements.
  • Characters with the Marksman power can activate it if they can't avoid seeker attacks. Marksman will completely override the power negating effects of seekers.
  • As a swarm is about to explode, it will momentarily stop and vibrate even more frantically. Running away while it is immobile will cause the swarm to dissipate while keeping power use intact. This is much more difficult than a standard swarm though, as its blast radius is much bigger and for some classes its completely impossible to exit the blast radius.