Disambiguous This article is about the enemy in Mass Effect 3: Retaliation. For information about Seeker Swarms in general, see Seeker Swarm. For the multiplayer power, see Seeker Swarm (power).

The Seeker Swarm is a Collector unit encountered in Mass Effect 3. Collector Captains deploy Swarms to disable the players' abilities.

Capabilities Edit


Once launched, a Seeker Swarms targets players in order to explode near them. If a player is caught in the Seeker Swarm, they will take a small amount of damage and their cooldown-based powers will be disabled for a short length of time. Their explosion will also significantly decrease the accuracy of any and all players caught within the blast.

Powers that have no cooldowns, such as Nova, Phase Disruptor and all grenade-type powers are unnaffected by the Seeker Swarm debuff.


Seeker Swarms move fast and can be hard to target due to their shape. They only have a small amount of health, but it's much higher than their size would suggest.

Tactics Edit

  • Area of affect powers such as Shockwave, Electric Slash, and Inferno Grenade are one of the quickest and easiest ways to eliminate a Seeker Swarm.
  • Singularity can be used to immobilize and eventually destroy a Seeker Swarm.
  • As a swarm is about to explode, it will momentarily stop and vibrate even more frantically. Running away while it is immobile will cause the swarm to dissipate while keeping power use intact.
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