Seeto'Hodda nar Idenna is a quarian aboard the Idenna, mostly serving as security detail. During Kahlee Sanders' quarantine aboard the Migrant Fleet, Seeto befriends her; Kahlee likes the young quarian's exuberance and curiosity. Seeto also greatly admires his captain, Ysin'Mal vas Idenna, and shares his belief that the Fleet needs to change its policies if it is to survive. When she is finally released Seeto gives Kahlee, Hendel Mitra and Gillian Grayson a brief tour of the Idenna - including his own sleeping quarters and the Idenna's trading deck - giving an insight into quarian culture.

Seeto's father is a navigator; his mother is on the Idenna's civilian Council. Unusually for a quarian, Seeto also has an older sister who joined the Rayya's crew after her Pilgrimage. It is possible, therefore, that Seeto was born during a period when the prohibition against single births in quarian families had been lifted.

Unfortunately Seeto never gets the chance to go on his own Pilgrimage. He is part of the security detail sent to meet the Cyniad when she returns to the Idenna, not realising she is carrying a Cerberus strike team. Seeto dies along with his comrades when Golo and the other Cerberus operatives storm the ship.

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