Sergeant Haron is a turian C-Sec officer, reporting to Captain Bailey. He works in the Zakera Ward at the security checkpoint to the C-Sec Office and is in charge of scanning all new arrivals on the Citadel. He checks their DNA and makes sure they are not carrying weapons without authorization.

When Commander Shepard arrives on the Citadel, Haron scans Shepard and is surprised that Citadel records indicate that the Commander is dead. Haron apologizes for the delay and tells Shepard to report to Captain Bailey.

During Commander Shepard's investigation into Thane Krios' son Kolyat, Haron and another C-Sec officer attempts to delay Elias Kelham's lawyer, noting that the criminal's VI was probably programmed to summon the lawyer when a C-Sec officer came within ten meters of him. Later, when Shepard and Thane apprehend Kolyat with his target, Joram Talid, Bailey and Haron are the first officers to arrive at Talid's apartment. Bailey orders Haron at first to take Kolyat into custody, and later to give Thane and Kolyat a private room.

Trivia Edit

  • Sergeant Haron has some conversations that were cut from the game.
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