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Sergeant Nels is a member of the Nexus Militia. He is usually found tending the front desk at the militia base in Operations.

Nels can be overheard chatting with officemates about some topics. He and Lieutenant Sajax talk about militia recruit guidelines stifling the latter. Sajax was used to doing things her way, which is why Nels argues they should run the operation like police - by the book. When Sajax reiterates they're a militia, Nels counters they're policing the Nexus and they've got to do both.

The sergeant used to work in the Citadel. He still knows the best place in the Presidium lake to fish for drunken ambassadors. The Presidium itself is the best C-Sec beat in his opinion, and he thinks Sajax would've fit in the organization if she was posted there.

Nels reports to militia leader Tiran Kandros that patrol people are hesitant to action without authorization from the top, a holdover from the days Nexus security was run by Sloane Kelly. Kandros tells him to push back, since their former leader and her style has gone into exile.