De facto leader of Omega. Three centuries of commando experience. Aloof, paranoid, excellent organizational and management skills.

Audio Transmission TranscriptEdit

Recording taken on Omega, Afterlife Nightclub, private room. 04:14 AM.

[Door opens and closes]

Enrix: Ugh...what the...

Aria: Kalus Enrix?

Enrix: Who the hell are-- Hey!

Aria: Don't bother. Those shackles don't have a release catch.

Enrix: You mistake me for one of your clients or something lady? Let me out.

Aria: This was very good. The turian's been at Afterlife for a week. Usually, I spot them earlier.

Enrix: Spot what?

Aria: I know you're listening through that speaker hidden in Enrix's collar. I bet Enrix doesn't even know who he's really spying for, does he, Shadow Broker?

Enrix: Shadow what? I don't know any-- wait! What are you doing?

Aira [sic]: You don't play favorites, Broker. I admire that. But what I don't like is how you think anything twitches a muscle on Omega without my knowing it!

Enrix: Augh! Damn it, my face!

Aria: Feel free to waste as many lives as you want, sending your agents down to my world.

Enrix: Okay, listen, I'm working for a guy but it's not what you think, I'm not-- augh!

[Door opens and closes. Recording ends.]

[Note: Kalus Enrix's death has not yet compromised our other agent placed in the Afterlife Nightclub]

Afterlife Planning Session CorrespondenceEdit

From: Aria T'Loak
To: Churkas Flin [Events Coordinator]
Topic: Afterlife Entertainment


Here's what I want set up for next month:

1. Sinyah Sisters: They're good, but I don't want them performing so close to the Bekke Burlesque act when it comes back from the mining colonies. String out the flesh shows.

2. Fight Pit: Too many vorcha. No one's going to pay to see those little goblins eat each other when they do it on the street for free. Get me some krogans [sic] and enough humans to keep them busy for an hour.

3. That "singer" in tomorrow's band is from Eclipse. I'm surprised you didn't spot it. Bring him to me after last call.

4. Hanar Jugglers: Before you sent me the vid, I thought you were joking. Book them. I could use a laugh.

5. We should consider making the casino-ship a "VIP Only" event, hand out passes to people who need killing, and let them do it for me. There was more blood than credits on the table after the shootout for last week's jackpot.