Captain David Anderson is a rejected Spectre candidate. Close working relationship with Commander Shepard before destruction of the Normandy SR1. Monitor communications for renewed contact with Shepard.

Military CorrespondenceEdit

Intercept 16:12 // Secure Comm Buoy #4673 // Encrypted // #3467 - DA - 225
Sender: Captain Farrah Gapoli, Arcturus Station

David Anderson,

I have been asked to step in on the matter of your continued vocal and insistent support of Commander Shepard, formerly of the SR1 Normandy, within the Alliance military and to third party contracts. The matter of Commander Shepard and his involvement in the attack on the Citadel station is of high value to military intelligence and the Galactic Council. To that end, we respectfully ask you to cease and desist your continued investigation that has been deemed closed and sealed for two solar years.

Your continued agitation in this matter is deemed a high security risk with potential repercussions for galactic security.

Please consider our position carefully. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office.


Captain Farrah Gapoli
Assistant in Charge of Operations
Arcturus Station

Note: Even when playing as a female Shepard, the message will still refer to "his involvement in the attack", rather than "her involvement in the attack".

Personal CorrespondenceEdit

Intercept 04:23 // #12947 - DA - 325
Sender: Cynthia Barris, Atlanta, Earth


Henry and I went to Jason's graduation ceremony in San Francisco today. Such a beautiful occasion! All those gowns and bright spirits. So much potential! I know Henry would frown at the thought, but I couldn't help recalling the pomp around your appointment to the Hastings. You were the second in command weren't you? The military always did ceremony very well. God, that was a lifetime ago.

Jason says to send his best. I'm so proud of him! "Aerospace Engineer." I don't pretend to understand what he does, but the gleam in his eyes when he is trying to explain his latest designs to me say that he has found his place in this universe. He wanted you to be there, at his ceremony, but I know duty calls. He sees you as a heroic figure off fighting grand battles in space. I hope you can make it for the holidays this year. Henry asked just the other day. I know you don't see eye to eye on much but he respects you. He respects what you do. And you know Jason is over the moon when you can take the time to review his ship designs.

Let me know about the holidays and David, please be careful.


Recent TransactionsEdit

Recent Transactions

CATALOG ORDER: Dionysus Imports

VIDEO DOWNLOAD: Saren: A Hero Betrayed

PURCHASE 2233- DA-116: Modis Valley Brand: 2 bottles, white wine

VIDEO DOWNLOAD: Damaged: The Truth Behind the Citadel Crisis

PURCHASE 8785- DA-342: Illium Elite Brand: 1 bottle, Gold Label Erasa

VIDEO DOWNLOAD: The Path of Lies: A History of the Alliance Military

VIDEO DOWNLOAD: Afraid of the Dark: Reapers, Collectors and other Myths

PURCHASE 2543- DA-226: Red Janey Brand: 2 bottles, Special Stock vodka

SERVICES: Kleen Sweep Home Maintenance

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