Skilled break-and-enter specialist. Sentimental, impulsive risk taker. Investigate lover's death and connection to Alliance scandal.

Poetry LogsEdit

Anonymous Poem Logs
HAIKU by Kasumi

Breathless, glinting skin
Muscles working in rhythm
Cloaked desire watches

Looking at me now
His indifferent eyes smile
I am a puddle

Beautiful and good
Punishing with his kindness
Jacob is perfect

Personal CorrespondenceEdit

FROM: Kasumi Goto
TO: Matheteu Pelery, Blue Suns, Omega

I understand from my sources that you are looking to expand your collection of antiquities. These are the items I currently have in inventory. I was originally commissioned to obtain them, but when payment was not forthcoming, they became mine. The prices on all items are open to negotiation. In your case, I may prefer favors over credits. Please use this same secure channel to respond.

- Domed Ceremonial Headdress, Batarian, c.5788 BDIC
- Da Vinci Mona Lisa, Human, c.1505 AD
- Complete works of esteemed poet Zesoh'Thal vas Rannoch (First Folio Edition), Quarian
- The Koh-i-Noor Diamond (loose), Human
- Turian Battle Spike, approximately 3000 years old. Origin unknown. Believed to be one of two, but missing its pair.