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Kasumi Goto

Skilled break-and-enter specialist. Sentimental, impulsive risk taker. Investigate lover's death and connection to Alliance scandal.

Poetry Logs[]

Anonymous Poem Logs
HAIKU by Kasumi

Breathless, glinting skin
Muscles working in rhythm
Cloaked desire watches

Looking at me now
His indifferent eyes smile
I am a puddle

Beautiful and good
Punishing with his kindness
Jacob is perfect

Personal Correspondence[]

FROM: Kasumi Goto
TO: Matheteu Pelery, Blue Suns, Omega

I understand from my sources that you are looking to expand your collection of antiquities. These are the items I currently have in inventory. I was originally commissioned to obtain them, but when payment was not forthcoming, they became mine. The prices on all items are open to negotiation. In your case, I may prefer favors over credits. Please use this same secure channel to respond.

- Domed Ceremonial Headdress, Batarian, c.5788 BDIC
- Da Vinci Mona Lisa, Human, c.1505 AD
- Complete works of esteemed poet Zesoh'Thal vas Rannoch (First Folio Edition), Quarian
- The Koh-i-Noor Diamond (loose), Human
- Turian Battle Spike, approximately 3000 years old. Origin unknown. Believed to be one of two, but missing its pair.