Miranda Lawson

Cerberus Officer. Efficient, ruthless, obsessed with human dominance. Possible recruitment candidate after Illusive Man's assassination and destruction of Cerberus.

Extranet Activity[edit | edit source]

Extranet Message: Image results for "Shepard Saren Spectre"

Extranet Message: News summary for "Eldfell-Ashland Energy"

Subscription Activated: After Dark Fashions

Subscription Cancelled: BioTech Research Quarterly

Vid Book Purchase: "Men are from Omega, Women are from Illium"

Personal Correspondence 1[edit | edit source]

From: iPartner Connections

Rec'd: 23:12
Miss Lawson
Username: LawBringerSR2

We have reviewed your application to join the iPartner group and are happy to accept you into the exclusive Diamond Circle, where the best meet the best! iPartner is proud to present you with our exclusive Diamond Circle benefits:

- Access your account as often as you wish
- Unrestricted membership search across 23 systems
- Review potential iPartners in full 360 vision*
- Guaranteed first choice placement of your personal dossier

Questions? Ask your personal iPartner representative.

iPartner Connections
"Executive matches for selective people"

*iPartner reserves the right to censor inappropriate submissions

Personal Correspondence 2[edit | edit source]

Inter-Relay Text Chat
Location: Illium

To: LawBringerSR2
From: PerfectMan01

21:09 PM: Hey there. New to all this iPartner stuff?

21:09 LB: Yes.

21:10 PM: Well, maybe tell me about yourself. What sort of work do you do?

21:10 LB: I can't talk about that.

21:10 PM: Like some kind of secret government spy stuff? Sounds dangerous! Heh.

21:10 LB: Yes.

21:12 PM: OK how about a little about you? What do you do for fun?

21:12 LB: Look, I don't really care about getting to know you. Upload your required medical exam results.

21:14 PM: Sure. [UPLOADING]

21:20 LB: You had a mild case of Shintonial Abraxas 4 years ago.

21:20 PM: Yes, but the doctors have


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Personal Correspondence 3[edit | edit source]

Inter-Relay Text Chat
Location: Omega

To: LawBringerSR2
From: TrueGent4evar

20:11 TG: Oh! My love is like a red, red rose that is new sprung


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Personal Correspondence 4[edit | edit source]

Inter-relay Text Chat

Location: Citadel, Lower Wards

To: LawBringerSR2
From: HighRollerLLCJ

18:12 HR: Heeeeey baby! How's about a pic? Let's get this

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Personal Correspondence 5[edit | edit source]

Inter-Relay Text Chat
Location: Omega

To: LawBringerSR2
From: NoGames411


20:27 [sic] NG: Medical

21:02 LB: Looks clean.

21:02 NG: Yes.

21:02 LB: Apartment block D, #221 21:30

21:03 NG: Anything I should


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Excerpt from Chat[edit | edit source]

Note: This entry only appears if you encouraged Miranda to talk to Oriana at the end of her loyalty mission.

Username OriannaL
Username: Mlaws


13:45 OR: Hey. Umm...is that you?

13:45 ML: Yes. Don't worry, I've made sure everything is secure.

13:46 OR: Secure. Right. Yeah, good call.

13:46 ML: How are you settling in?

13:46 OR: Good! The house is huge! Seems so big for me.

13:47 ML: How are your studies going?

13:47 OR: Great! I still don't like Genetic Theory, but I want to understand everything y'know? Physics and Math all seem to breeze by.

13:48 ML: Your mark in Late 20th Century Earth History is below the standard deviation. Did you want me to hire a tutor for you?

13:48 OR: History? No, it's OK. Just not interested I guess.

13:49 ML: Ori.

13:50 OR: What? Fiiiine...yes. OK, there's a boy in there. Danner.

13:51 ML: Danner Gossimah?

13:51 OR: Yes! How did you know that?

13:52 ML: It doesn't matter. His family owns a series of restaurants on the Citadel. Good academic record. Interested in sports. Broke his leg when he was 14.

13:53 OR: Umm... sure. Yes, he's always asking questions in class. I don't think he even knows I'm alive.

13:54 ML: I see.

13:55 OR: How do I...y'know, get him to notice?

13:55 ML: Getting him to notice? Yes, I can help with that.

13:55 OR: Pleez

13:58 ML: Yes. Boys. You must be sure to always be true to yourself. I know that sounds like silly advice but if he isn't interested in the real you he won't be interested. You have to trust that when things are right he will notice you, and he will appreciate what you are both inside and out. You can't make yourself into something you are not

13:58 OR: because you will never learn if that special someone falls for you or falls for a lie.

13:58 ML: Ori I didn't

13:58 OR: You are pasting advice from 'Dear Dinah' column dated two weeks ago! We have the extranet here as well sis. God!

13:59 ML: I didn't mean to make you angry. I only

13:59 OR: I know sis! I know... I'm sorry, I just hate all this. Being here and you're off doing whatever to save the world or whatever. I just hate it!

14:03 ML: There isn't a point to saving the world if I can't even talk to my sister. I'm sorry. I am. Now why don't you tell me about this boy.

14:04 OR: Yeah, OK. He's...different.

14:04 ML: I hate him already.

14:04 OR: RANDA!

14:05 ML: I'm your big sister. I'm going to hate all of them. Accept it. Now, his eye color says blue here. Is that ocean blue or a more gun metal blue?


Medical Correspondence[edit | edit source]

From: Illium Medical Center, Prenatal Care Department

Miss Lawson,

As per your request for privacy, this message will be removed from our database upon confirmation of send integrity.

While we cannot firmly attribute the cause of the benign neoplasm to the irregularity in your genetic makeup, we can confirm that the progressive damage renders you unable to conceive a child.

About 12 percent of human women ages 18-54 have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant according to data obtained from the Institute of Species Research (ISR). There are many support groups if you wish to discuss your condition and several options available should you wish to consider the adoption of a child.

If you require further consultation, please contact our communication officer.

Dr. Banner Grenway
Department Medical Director
Illium Medical Center

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