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To: Shadow Broker
From: Operative Kechlu
Per your request, we've landed on the yahg homeworld and captured a specimen for your studies. We actually had to kill several of them before finding this one, which seemed interested in leaving the planet. Hopefully this means he's more tractable.

I do recommend caution, however. These creatures may indeed be valuable shock troops or bodyguards, but their savagery puts even the krogan to shame. As near as we can tell, it's part of their culture. They're not simple brutes like most krogan. The one we've got is learning nearly as fast as a salarian. He could be more dangerous than you realize.

To: Operative Kechlu
From: Shadow Broker
If you're reading this, my young friend, then you've eliminated the former Operative Kechlu and have taken his position. These past few months have seen you learn and grow at a rate I would never have credited had I not seen to it personally. You already understand seventeen languages without translator assistance, and your political predictions have bettered some of my best agents.

As Kechlu, you will command strike teams to gather intelligence and neutralize potential threats. Remember your training. Losing your temper costs you that priceless mind of yours, as well as the loyalty of your men. The Shadow Broker leads those who look for secrets. He must be trusted by his men so that he can in turn trust them. Gathering knowledge is a holy task -- one I'm sure you understand, as you wanted to be off your homeworld so badly to see what wonders awaited you out there.

Please provide an update of all operations, Kechlu. And know that I am proud of you.

To: All
From: Shadow Broker
Remove Operative Kechlu immediately. He is too dangerous to leave alive. Engage only with numerical superiority. Otherwise, change all access codes and observe only. Provide no information. Kechlu must not be allowed any further access to [MESSAGE ENDS]

To: All
From: Shadow Broker
Operative Kechlu is no longer a problem. Discontinue code changes and resume normal activity. I want a status report on all operations by the end of the next solar day. Shadow Broker out.