Shadow Broker Heavies are the heavy hitters of the Shadow Broker's private army. They are used to backup other Shadow Broker infantry forces and take out hard targets.

Capabilities Edit


Shadow Broker Heavies are armed with the standard Missile Launcher.


Shadow Broker Heavies have moderate health and additional light shielding on higher difficulty levels.

Tactics Edit

  • Since Heavies tend to stay back from the action, taking them out may require sniper rifles or some other form of long range weaponry. They will usually only stick their heads out to shoot, then duck right back into cover. Like all enemy Heavies, they can inflict friendly fire damage on their own squad.
  • Like many enemies armed with missile launchers, they will fire two shots in rapid succession and retreat to cover. After the missiles hit, pop out of cover and return fire while the heavy is preparing to attack. Adrenaline Burst and the Infiltrator's "sniper delay" will give you an advantage lining up headshots, or in directing concentrated assault rifle fire. When their shields are down, use Pull, Shockwave, or Incinerate to dislodge them from cover.
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