Shadow Broker Vanguards are Vanguards loyal and part of the Shadow Broker's private army. They are biotics and will use their abilities to keep enemies at bay, and if they get close, then open fire with their shotguns.

Capabilities Edit


Shadow Broker Vanguards are armed with the M-27 Scimitar shotgun and can use Warp.


Shadow Broker Vanguards have access to the Tech Armor and Barrier abilities to bolster their barriers and supplement their defenses. They also have a moderate amount of health and barriers.

Tactics Edit

  • Generally keep Vanguards at a distance, as they get deadlier as they get closer. They will use their Warp to weaken their enemies, then charge in. Take them out at a distance, and everything should be fine.
  • If you are at melee range (probably after a Vanguard Charge) you can use the next trick: If the Shadow Broker Vanguard tries to Warp you, keep hitting her with melee attacks. She'll keep staggering and trying to cast Warp again, and you'll keep hitting her with melee. She won't use abilities or her weapon, making her an easy victim.
  • For Vanguards: This is very easy to accomplish if you cast Liara's Warp when you first see the Vanguard, ultimately taking out the enemy's Barrier. Then, Charge in and finish her off with melee attacks. The Vanguards use Warp when you get in their line of sight almost every time.
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