Disambiguous This article is about the character from Mass Effect 2. For multiplayer class in Mass Effect 3, see Krogan Shaman Adept.

The Shaman is a krogan residing on Tuchanka at the Urdnot Camp. He is charge of Urdnot Clan's rites.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

Despite being a shaman of the krogan traditions, the shaman appears to have no problem with Urdnot Wrex's reformist leadership and openly despises the traditionalist Gatatog Uvenk for being a complaining whelp. He may approve of Wrex's attempts to unite the krogan but stays true to their violent nature. Ignoring Uvenk's complaints, the shaman allows the tank bred Grunt to perform the rite of passage. If Commander Shepard teases Uvenk about using politics rather than fight to achieve his ends, the shaman praises the Commander for getting rid of Uvenk but disapproves of Shepard's more peaceful ways. However, if Shepard is more aggressive and goes as far to headbutt Uvenk in the krogan fashion, the shaman approves of Shepard, believing the Commander understands the krogan ideals better than the cowardly Uvenk does. He is particularly amused if Shepard headbutts Uvenk.

After the rite is complete, Shepard can ask about the shaman. He admits he went through many rites to become shaman, including giving up his name. He claims the rites he underwent were so physically and mentally torturous that they made him wish he were dead, and must be performed every dawn and dusk. If Grunt is in the party, he comments that the shaman's job is terrible, to which he agrees.

Also, after completing the rite, Shepard can talk to the Shaman again and the Commander can tell the Shaman stories from Shepard's past including how Shepard stopped Saren and how they stopped a Reaper invading the Citadel.

Mass Effect 3 Edit

Should Eve pass away during the mission to cure the genophage, the Shaman will provide the eulogy during her funeral.