Disambiguous This article is about Shepard's apartment on Intai'sei in Mass Effect. For Shepard's Apartment on the Citadel in Mass Effect 3, see Personal Apartment.

Shepard's Apartment is a building on the Alliance colony world of Intai'sei.


Originally belonging to Admiral Tadius Ahern, the commander of Pinnacle Station, who requested it dropped on the world for when, or rather if, he decided to retire. Seeing as he did not to retire any time soon, he made a wager with Shepard, his retirement house versus the Commander's life in a unique scenario he programmed into the Station's Combat Simulator.

The scenario recreated one of his missions during the First Contact War. Ahern said that if Shepard managed to survive, any death on the part of the Commander would be logged as "User Error" so he did not have the death of the galaxy's first human Spectre on his hands. Shepard managed to complete the scenario and true to his word, Ahern gave the property over.


The house is basic with a small hallway and a large great room making up both the living space and the bedroom.

The hallway consists of a Medical Station like the one in the Medbay of the SSV Normandy where Shepard can replenish their stock of Medi-gel. It also contains a grenade dispenser that will replenish the Commander's stock of grenades. Finally, it contains a wall of weapons on display, but ready to use, as that is a necessary part of colony life.

The large quarter-sphere window in the main room offers a spactular view of the planet, the other structures, and the Mako, which is parked right outside. The room contains an entertainment screen for playing music, which can be turned on and off. A couple of couches are also around, facing the windows.

In the bedroom there is a terminal which contains a message for Ahern about getting supplies. Shepard can use the terminal to get access to low, medium, or high grade armor, weapons, and mods for a lot cheaper than the stores elsewhere will sell them for, usually.

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