The Shifty Looking Cow is a Space Cow found on the planet Ontarom, in the Newton system of the Kepler Verge. An otherwise normal member of the species, the Shifty Looking Cow likewise has a dialogue option that does nothing. When Shepard turns around, however, the Cow promptly begins stealing Shepard's credits slowly, and will even follow the Commander around. It can be found near the southwestern corner of the map, near a deposit of gold.

The Cow can be killed with a single shot but will disappear and respawn in a few moments. Killing the Cow does not allow you to retrieve any lost credits.

Trivia Edit

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  • According to a post by Lead Technical Designer Dusty Everman on the official Mass Effect forums, the Shifty Cow easter egg's nature is as follows:[1]

“I love the history of the Shifty Cow easter egg. When the character artists designed the space cow with two extra arms, Preston, our lead designer, was a little creeped out. His comment was "You can’t trust any animal that can milk itself." Those extra little hands look so... grabby. So Preston came up with the idea of Shifty Cow. Turn your back on him, and those creepy little hands are going to go to work. Kiss those credits goodbye.”

References Edit

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