A volus diplomat needs a Prothean obelisk. Recover it from the Shrike Abyssal and deliver it to him at the Citadel embassy.


This mission can only be obtained after completing Priority: Mars.

Go to the Citadel Embassies and head left, where you will find a volus speaking to a human and a turian on the far corner of the area. Listen to their conversation about a Prothean obelisk in order to acquire the mission. You can also acquire it if you scan the target planet first.


Citadel - prothean obelisk
Travel to the Urla Rast system of The Shrike Abyssal. Scan the planet Talis Fia and recover the artifact with a probe.

Return the artifact to the volus to be rewarded with 5 Reputation and 20,000 credits.

Note: This mission can only be completed after completing Priority: Palaven, which is when the star system will open for travel.

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