Simon Atwell, the human chief engineer on Asteroid X57, was originally in charge of bringing Asteroid X57 across the Asgard system to Terra Nova, where Simon lives with his family and grandchildren in Aronas. Unusual in the galactic community, Simon likes and respects quarian workers, having hired quarian specialists in the past for mining jobs.

When the asteroid is attacked by batarian extremists, Simon manages to help them escape and hide on X57's surface, eavesdropping on the batarians. He later sneaks into one of the fusion torch stations, presumably to try and disable the torch, but only succeeds in accidentally shooting Commander Shepard. Luckily, Shepard's shields absorb the hit. Simon is then able to provide Shepard with background information on the situation, painting a dire picture of what happens if X57 hits Terra Nova. He can provide the name of the batarians' leader, and a warning about blasting caps around one of the fusion torches. Simon is also concerned about three missing engineers and Kate Bowman. Shepard cautions Simon to find a safe place to hide.

After Balak is dealt with, Simon reappears, having returned to the main facility to help. Shepard can justify the decision to kill or release Balak, and Simon explains that Shepard's actions have saved Terra Nova. He offers equipment as a reward. Shepard can pick from light, medium or heavy human armor, a rare set of quarian armor (left behind by Simon's former quarian colleagues) and an advanced omni-tool.

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