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Disambiguous.png This article is about the Citadel store in Mass Effect 3. For the corporation, see Sirta Foundation. For the Citadel store in Mass Effect 2, see Sirta Foundation (shop).
ME3 Shops SirtaSupplies.png
Inventory Item Price / Discounted
Flowers 1000 / 950
Candy Assortment 1000 / 950
Rumi: His Remembrance 1000 / 950
Tear-songs of the Plains 1000 / 950
And Love Fell 1000 / 950
Among the Multitude 1000 / 950
The Collected Alfred Tennyson 1000 / 950
TM88 - Peruvian Whiskey 1000 / 950
Medi-Gel Capacity 3000 / 2700
Medi-Gel Capacity I 6000 / 5400
Medi-Gel Capacity II 10,000 / 9000
Medi-Gel Capacity III 16,000 / 14,400
Medi-Gel Capacity IV 25,000 / 22,500

Sirta Supplies is located on the Citadel inside of Huerta Memorial Hospital. The terminal is across from the reception desk.


Eight different gift items are available for purchase upon first arriving at the Citadel. Which gifts are available depends on whether Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko is present. If Ashley is the patient, all items except for the TM88 Peruvian Whiskey are available. If Kaidan is the patient, then only the TM88 Peruvian Whiskey is available.


A large and fragrant bouquet of flowers, grown in the Citadel's hydroponic gardens.

Candy Assortment

A deluxe selection of chocolates, hard candies, and caramels. Warning: These sweets are suitable only for levo-amino acid-based life-forms.

Rumi: His Remembrance

The works of Rumi, a 13th-century Earth poet, have been continuously in print since the 20th century. This edition of his poems was created a few years ago to mark the 900th anniversary of his death.

Tear-songs of the Plains

Avant-garde poetry by the infamous elcor performance artist Nockrick Taur. Critics agree that while Taur employs striking imagery, his verse structure suffers from an undisciplined laziness.

And Love Fell

A book of free verse by reclusive asari poet Techllis Bel. This sharp, pessimistic satire questions the ability of sentient races to rise above basic bloodshed. It's been a bestseller for decades.

Among the Multitude

A collection of verses by Walt Whitman, a 19th-century Earth poet. A percentage of each purchase goes to the Whitman Foundation, a charitable organization that provides hospital care to those who can't afford it.

The Collected Alfred Tennyson

This volume of poems by Alfred Tennyson is a newly released edition that was printed in extremely limited quantities by Oxford Press. This version is highly sought after by book collectors.

TM88 - Peruvian Whiskey

Tasty yet Medicinal -- The Perfect Gift

Smooth and smoky with a hint of heat, each sip of TM88 has a story to tell, and each glass has a story to inspire.

TM88 isn't one of the Earth's top-selling beverage exports for nothing. Known for having both a calming influence and the ability to stimulate blood flow, TM88 is the only alcoholic drink endorsed by the Medical Board of Sur'Kesh.

The price for TM88 includes deposit. Please recycle.