Sisterhood Initiates are exclusively asari members of the Eclipse mercenary organization and are only encountered on Illium during Samara's recruitment mission. They are very similar to Eclipse Troopers with the exception that they can use barriers on higher difficulties instead of shields.

Capabilities Edit


They are armed with M-8 Avenger assault rifles, which allow them to put down a constant hail of fire.


Initiates have light biotic barriers on higher difficulties.

Tactics Edit

Initiate sisters are not a significant threat and should be easy to handle on most difficulties. On harder difficulty levels, it is important to use powers and weaponry that will take down their barriers. Powers such as Concussive Shot, Warp and Warp Ammo are very useful against them.

Trivia Edit

  • Initiates are only encountered on Illium and are exclusively asari; this may indicate that Eclipse mercenaries recruited on asari owned/dominated worlds enter an Eclipse sisterhood instead of the mainstream organization. It could also be an arrangement exclusive to recruits from Illium.
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