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Site 1: Promise is the site of the first Andromeda Initiative Outpost on Eos. The site was chosen due to its proximity to a water source, but it was soon discovered that the water required non-standard decontamination to become usable. The site was initially abandoned by the Initiative when the planet was found to be too difficult to survive on due to both natural and unnatural threats. A second attempt to create an outpost by the Initiative was named Site 2: Resilience. Site 1 is also the landing site of Pathfinder Ryder's first mission to gain a foothold on Eos for the Initiative.

Even after the radiation issue is dealt with and Prodromos settled, and despite its buildings being intact, Promise remains virtually abandoned.

Layout Edit

The site consists of U-shaped cluster of small structures surrounding a small water feature and a power relay station to the southeast on a ridge. The village is surrounded by barriers that help to keep out the hostile environmental radiation caused by the remnant structure until Ryder is able to shut its operation down. To the far west is a large ring-ed structure designed to generate drinking water. Some of the doors are sealed shut until Ryder restores power to the site during the mission A Better Beginning.

A Research Center is located in the small northeastern building, beside the ND1 Nomad crate, where weapons and modifications can be developed or researched as on board the Tempest.

Scattered among the structures are various minerals, especially Fluorite and some Cadmium, containers of loot, and scanable objects.

Residents Edit

Promise's sole known resident is Clancy Arquist, first encountered during A Better Beginning. He remains in Promise as a merchant, although he is not identified on the map as such.

Missions Edit

The following Priority Ops missions take place or are acquired at Site 1:

The following Allies and Relationships missions take place or are acquired at Site 1:

The following Heleus Assignments missions take place or are acquired at Site 1:

The following Additional Tasks take place or are acquired at Site 1:

Datapads and Terminals Edit

On a desk inside a structure on the southern side of the site:

Personal Log: Chief Lito
Login: Chief Engineer Grace Lito

New entry: Specialist Kothari needs to stop navel-gazing about the monoliths and whoever built them. We need that speculating mind of his. If it doesn't grow food, stop wind, or get Special Project Sigma done, it's not worth our time right now. His team is looking at the big structures, and they'll do good work, but I tagged his runner just in case.
Vehicle tracking code: Grace-delta9


On a terminal in one of the western most structures of the site, accompanied with an audio log:

Log: Botany Analysis
Login: Botany Consultant Alison May

New entry: What are you hiding, Eos? The plants exhibit sporadic hyper-growth, despite an environment that can sandblast paint. I'm starting to suspect an electromagnetic trigger. I detected a signal of some kind, definitely alien, but that's not my field. Uncertain if deliberate. Vector noted.


On a terminal in one of the northern structures of the site, there is an audio log in this same building:

Message for Nick Thaniopoulis
People are talking here. Saying that Eos isn't viable, that things aren't going like they expected. I think you should come back.

I know what you're going to say. "I didn't sign up for the Initiative to stay trapped in a floating tin can." And I promise, you can have your adventure. Later, when they've had more time to plan for you safety. Mom told me to make sure you don't get in over your head, and that's what I'm doing.

At least think about it, for me. And check in more often. I've started to adopt Mom's worry. Already chewed through the nail of my pinky finger. It's up to you whether I keep the rest of my nails intact.

Love you.

Sorry to bug you again. I requested an update on Leah Wells a few days ago, and I haven't heard anything back. On my end, it looks like the message wasn't even opened. is everything okay there?

Get back to me as soon as you can. And tell Leah to message me back.

On a terminal in a room unlocked after power is restored:

Log: Supply situation
Login: Technician Kay Farthingale

They divided the rations again. Tonight's menu: soup with a couple of crackers each. Hope we're not too hungry to prop up the south building tomorrow, but there's nothing else for it. Can't forage because the weather's deadly, can't grow crops in those winds, and the Nexus can't feed us and themselves...

No. Don't think about it. There's talk going around of getting back to the Nexus, but if we can't find an answer, who can? We dared to put our bootprints here. We were first! Me and Theo promised to stick it out, even if we ended up being the last.


On a desk in the research center, unlocked after power restored:

Log: New Designs, Departures
Login: Senior Foreman Adriano Fonesca

Tried out the new pin design on the shelters today. Only time will tell if they actually hold together when the next storm rolls over. At least it should be easier to find the pieces this time?

Shorty's pitching for an evac back to the Nexus. "Too many kett, not enough water, no hope," he says. "I'd rather sell supplies and sleep on the deck than lie awake listening to the storms one more night." Can't say I disagree. Losing three of my guys to the kett made me wonder about leaving too. but I asked him what I asked myself: what's back on the Nexus for pioneers? Isn't Eos what we signed on for?

Terminal on the Forward Station after it is called down:

Forward Station Protocol Initiated
Preset Viability Metrics: MISMATCH

Habitat 1, named Eos, does not match Initiative preflight profiles. Advance predictives are no longer applicable. Parameters require 94% rework.

Habitat 1: Eos
Discovered: Attr. Founder Jien Garson
Orbital data onboard
Spectorographic profiles: WORKING...
Geo-Sounding: WORKING...
Radiation Sv: LETHAL at deployment
ALERT: Fallout from Scourge is exceptionally volatile on contact with equally aggressive decline.

--More data needed--
Additional forward station coordination required


Multiple-Deployment Coordination
--Forward Station Network established--
Initiating magnetospheric tomography

Climate: Season Arid
Planetwide climate uniformity is unlikely to have occurred naturally.
Tropospheric electron density has suffered manipulation.
Geological limiters suspected.
Scourge radiation and impact suspected.
Artificial atmospheric alteration suspected.
Whether climate uniformity was intentional or a product of Scourge impact: unknown.

--More data needed--
Additional forward station coordination required


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