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Skarr is a Krogan Battlemaster and mercenary. He is a powerful biotic, strong enough to lift a four-ton armored vehicle and punt it over a dozen meters through the air.

Skarr is hired by Edan Had'dah in 2165 and ordered to kill Kahlee Sanders, after the Blue Suns failed in their attempt. Skarr tracks Kahlee to Jon Grissom's home on Elysium, injures Grissom with his boot knife and almost kills David Anderson. But Skarr was followed in turn by Saren Arterius, whose intervention drives him off.

Angry, Skarr returns to Had'dah, who negotiates a new deal and sends Skarr to destroy the Dah'tan Manufacturing facility on Camala, specifically to kill Had'dah's contact there, Jella. Without her, there would be nothing to link Had'dah to the events at Sidon. Skarr leads the assault on Dah'tan Manufacturing but a twist of fate means Jella barely escapes with her life and eventually gives Had'dah's name to Saren. When Kahlee Sanders is being shipped off Camala, supposedly in secret, Skarr follows a tip-off planted by Saren and intercepts the APC Sanders was traveling in. When the SSV Iwo Jima arrives, Skarr uses a mass accelerator cannon to bring the frigate down and captures Sanders.

Skarr stays close to Sanders when she is brought to the element zero refinery Had'dah is using as a hideout, to ensure she doesn't escape. He is badly injured when Anderson and Saren attack the refinery but survives long enough to attack Anderson. After a tough battle, Skarr is eventually injured by Sanders and then killed by Anderson with a point-blank shot to the head.