Disambiguous This article is about the skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda. For sniper rifle weapons in Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, and Mass Effect: Andromeda, see Sniper Rifles.

Sniper Rifles is a passive Combat skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Skill Ranks Edit

Improves specialist sniper training for long-range combatants. Sniper rifles deal high damage at a distance at the cost of slow firing rates and capacities.

Rank Label Icon Description Bonus
1 Sniper Rifles Increases sniper rifle damage with each point invested in the Combat Skill Group. +2% Sniper Rifle Damage
2 Accuracy Increases sniper rifle accuracy with each point invested in the Combat Skill Group. +2% Sniper Rifle Accuracy
3 Headshots Increases headshot and other weak point damage from sniper rifles with each point invested in the Combat Skill Group. +2% Sniper Rifle Headshot/Weak Point Bonus
4 Weight - -25% Sniper Rifle Weight
4 Spare Ammo - +15% Sniper Rifle Spare Ammo
5 Reload - +15% Sniper Rifle Reload Speed
5 Clip Size - +25% Sniper Rifle Clip Size
6 Damage & Force - +20% Sniper Rifle Damage

+20% Sniper Rifle Force

6 Killing Spree Improves rate of fire, stability, and reload time for 5 sec after killing an enemy with a sniper rifle. On-Kill Rate of Fire Boost: 30%

On-Kill Stability Boost: 40%
On-Kill Reload Speed Boost: 25%

Player Notes Edit

  • Sniper Rifles is a passive skill that is always active.
  • Given the current patch (Update 1.10) state of affairs, -% reduction of a weapon's weight is somewhat limited from both items and skills. Even with -25% from this skill and supposedly another -10% and -15% from Scavenger Armor - it does not reduce weight by 50%, it makes a 50 weight point sniper rifle weigh 36, which is only 14 points reduction in weight, requiring 10 skill-points investment and armor slots wasted. Consider investing skill points in Combat Fitness and Auxiliary Systems (+25/40 Weight Capacity, not % based even when it states it is).
  • Sniping pairs best with long range Skills, especially those that hit the enemy through cover. A Sniper Rifle Receiver Mod on a sniper rifle takes this even further with the penetration stat.
  • Make sure to bring a different type of weapon, as sniper rifles make Ryder the most vulnerable.
  • Using a high damage rifle like the Black Widow with the Rank 6 Damage & Force option, will allow a headshot on Insanity difficulty to kill basic enemies outright, depending on what other passives Ryder has such as the Infiltrator Profile Weapon Headshot/Weak Point Damage Bonus.
  • The Rank 5 Reload upgrade does not affect the cooldown period of a weapon that uses the Vintage Heat Sink.

Availability Edit

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