Sohkaa Esof is an angara merchant that runs cargo between Aya and other worlds in Heleus.

Upon meeting the Pathfinder, he repeats the word, 'trade', wondering whether the Initiative exchange in goods and services. When he asks about how the Initiative's economy works, Ryder can explain the concept of credits to the angara. Interested, Sohkka inquires what the Initiative can offer, to which Ryder can state it's negotiable or offer to put Sohkaa in contact with someone who can create a formal trade agreement.

In the first option, Sohkaa jokingly asks to trade for the Nomad, but is turned down by Ryder or declines the second option as it's too complicated at the moment. To offer Ryder a chance to prove that they are a friend to the angara, he requests they assist him. One of Sohkaa's suppliers, Keldo, had recently gone missing on Voeld. The merchant requests Ryder locate him and his needed supplies.

When Ryder returns to Aya with the supplies and reports Keldo's death, Sohkaa is not surprised as he knew his friend was dead. If Ryder notes on his lack of empathy, Sohkaa replies that he was already prepared for Keldo's death, and that with Ryder's help his murders are dead and the supplies are back in the hands of his people. The mission he gave Ryder was a test from Evfra to see how Ryder handled themselves. Upon completing the mission Sohkaa opens up his wares to Ryder, accepting credits.

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