Location: Milky Way / Armstrong Nebula / Grissom System / Notanban

Prerequisite: UNC: Geth Incursions (Mass Effect)

Description Edit

WARNING: Level 1 Heat Hazard

Solcrum is the largest moon of the gas giant Notanban. It has a trace atmosphere of krypton and xenon. The crust is composed of various metals with deposits of sodium. As with every body in the solar system, the surface is scorching hot and thoroughly irradiated by the blue giant Grissom. Surface excursions without proper protective gear are certain to prove fatal.

On approach to Notanban, Normandy's passive sensor array intercepted a fragmentary coded transmission from the surface of Solcrum. Attempts to decrypt the message were fruitless; it does not appear to be in any software coding language used by the Citadel races.

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Points of Interest Edit

Solcrum tmap
Location Appearance Description
1 Initial Geth Headquarters (UNC: Geth Incursions)
2 Initial Asari capsule (UNC: Asari Writings)

“There were several artifacts stored here, all worthless except for one of Matriarch Dilinaga's writings. Whether it was uncovered at this dig site or somewhere else is unclear.”

3 Initial Crashed probe (salvage requires medium Electronics.)

Mineral Deposits Edit

Solcrum SLI
Main article: UNC: Valuable Minerals
Location Element Class
1 Thorium Rare
2 Uranium Rare
3 Magnesium Light

Lifeforms Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Although the base's exterior is usually reserved for facilities buried underground, the interior layout is more commonly used for facilities built on the surface.
  • When viewing the star Grissom from a certain point, one will notice a mountain range in the distance that appears to go behind the star.
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