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ME3 Shops SpectreRequisitions
Inventory Item Price / Discounted
Black Widow 250,000 / 225,000
Black Widow LE3 125,000 / 112,500
M-11 Wraith 250,000 / 225,000
M-11 Wraith LE3 75,000 / 67,500
M-77 Paladin 200,000 / 180,000
M-77 Paladin LE3 75,000 / 67,500
Cerberus Harrier3 150,000 / 135,000
N7 Crusader3 125,000 / 112,500
N7 Typhoon3 150,000 / 135,000
N7 Piranha3 125,000 / 112,500
N7 Hurricane3 75,000 / 67,500
N7 Valiant3 250,000 / 225,000
N7 Eagle3 80,000 / 72,000
N7 Valkyrie2 (or 3)** 7000 / 6300
Chakram Launcher2 (or 3)** 7000 / 6300
N7 Defender Armor3 80,000 / 72,000
Assault Rifle Precision Scope 6000 / 5400
Sniper Rifle Concentration Mod 6000 / 5400
Shotgun High Caliber Barrel 6000 / 5400
Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel 6000 / 5400
Assault Rifle Thermal Scope 6000 / 5400
Sniper Rifle High-Velocity Barrel 6000 / 5400
Rosenkov Materials Greaves 5000 / 4500
Kassa Fabrication Chestplate1* 5000 / 4500
Armax Arsenal Gauntlets1 5000 / 4500
Delumcore Overlay1 5000 / 4500
Miscellaneous items for collection missions1 1000 / 900

1 If not picked up during missions
2 Requires Mass Effect 3: Omega
3 Requires Mass Effect Legendary Edition
* Mislabelled as the Rosenkov Materials Chestplate
** Purchased as a single weapon upgrade level

Spectre Requisitions is located inside the Spectre office in the Citadel Embassies. It sells high-end weaponry, upgrades, and unretrieved items necessary to complete certain missions.

Note: Because the Citadel is inaccessible after Priority: Cerberus Headquarters, the Delumcore Overlay, if missed during the mission, can only be purchased through the Alliance Requisitions procurement terminal in the Normandy's shuttle bay.

Legendary Edition: Certain items have had their prices adjusted from the original version of Mass Effect 3; these entries are marked with orange notation.


Biotic Amp Interface Tech
Asari commandos are reporting increased burnout of biotic amps relative to biotic human soldiers. This is negatively impacting the performance of asari and mixed-species units in prolonged combat. An instructor at Grissom Academy who was fired for theft is offering to sell schematics for new biotic amps that could be adapted for asari use. To maintain deniability, any technology obtained in this manner should be attributed to Grissom Academy.

Cerberus Encryption Codes
Alliance code-breakers are having difficulty cracking Cerberus encryption. For a nominal fee, the salarian Special Tasks Group is willing to sell encryption algorithms recovered from Cerberus engineers during the attack on Sur'Kesh. Because the sale violates protocol and risks political repercussions within the salarian government, the seller has asked that STG's involvement be kept quiet. Instead, the data should be marked as discovered on the body of a Cerberus engineer whose equipment failed to self-destruct.

Cerberus Turret Control Schematics
When Cerberus forces fled the Citadel after their failed coup, they left behind automated turrets and proximity charges. These were likely intended to further undermine morale on the Citadel. Improving C-Sec's ability to disable Cerberus antipersonnel devices would reduce civilian casualties and allow C-Sec to focus on finding Cerberus sympathizers. If granted the necessary funding, Alliance operatives familiar with Cerberus tech can obtain control schematics for the turrets.

Chemical Burn Treatments
Patients in Huerta Memorial Hospital are dying from new and unfamiliar types of chemical burns. This is a problem for military personnel fighting both Cerberus and Reaper adversaries. For a small fee, the salarian Special Tasks Group is willing to share data on burn treatments from a research facility on Sur'Kesh. To maintain deniability, any information obtained in this manner should be attributed to other sources.

Geth Target-Jamming Tech
An Eclipse covert ops team is willing to sell jamming technology they recovered from a geth station. Deploying these jamming units on the Presidium could hinder enemy forces in the case of another attack on the Citadel, thereby saving civilian lives. Because the Alliance cannot formally support Eclipse mercenary work, this technology should be treated as though it were discovered during action on Rannoch.

Heating Stabilizers
The salarian colony of Senoquol is experiencing a power shortage that threatens their egg incubators. The colony will be forced to evacuate unless improved heating stabilizers can be found. The loss of a colony could amplify the difficulty of gaining salarian support for the war effort. Hanar heating stabilizer technology can be purchased for a nominal fee.

Information on Bilal Osoba
Alliance soldier Bilal Osoba, the son of Ambassador Dominic Osoba, is missing in action on Benning and presumed dead. Civilians engaged in black-market trades with occupying Cerberus troops have been able to procure the dog tags of fallen Alliance soldiers, and obtaining proof of Bilal's death would ease his father's mind. To maintain deniability of black-market trafficking, the dog tags should be presented as though the Spectre personally retrieved them from Bilal Osoba's body.

Non-Human Medi-Gel Upgrade
Increased injuries among non-human patients at Huerta Memorial Hospital has led to a need for an improved medi-gel formula. This would reduce fatalities and free up medical resources across the Citadel.

Power Grid Schematics
Unless Purgatory's power grid is improved, the nightclub may need to cut back on entertainment. Given morale on the Citadel, keeping Purgatory operational may prove beneficial in the long term. Schematics for an older krogan power system can be purchased for a nominal fee.

Reaper Code Fragment
Asari war strategists have encountered difficulty predicting Reaper movements due to poor understanding of Reaper thought processes. A scavenger is willing to sell a Reaper processor that he discovered among the debris from Sovereign's attack on the Citadel several years ago. This intel could dramatically improve the efforts of asari forces.

Turian-Specific Toxin
A turian general was injured while defending civilians during the Cerberus attack on the Citadel. He is now at Huerta Memorial Hospital, but his injury has been complicated by use of a toxin developed specifically for turian physiology. A former Alliance researcher is willing to sell data on a similar toxin, which was developed in case of a war with Palaven. To avoid diplomatic embarrassment, any information obtained in this manner should be treated as if discovered at a Cerberus facility.


  • The item listed in-game as the Rosenkov Materials Chestplate is mislabelled. It is actually the Kassa Fabrication Chestplate.