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The Stargazer is a humanoid entity of indeterminate race and background. Depending on Commander Shepard's choice in the final battle for Earth one of two Stargazers narrates the legendary figure's deeds to a child companion.

If the Crucible is activated, a male Stargazer is seen finishing his tale of "The Shepard" to the child. He states that it happened long ago, and that many of the details have been "lost" in time.

If the Crucible is not activated and the Reapers continue their cycle, a female Stargazer of an unknown species is seen finishing the tale of the Shepard. She explains that they know about the Shepard's actions and the war through the archives that Liara T'Soni had left behind. The information the archives contained saved the contemporary generation from the threat, and are the reason why they are at peace.

Whichever way the Stargazer wraps up the tale, the child asks to be told more, and the Stargazer replies that there is time for one more story.