Strogjaw Grog is a Berserker leader of the scavengers at The Flophouse on Elaaden.

In the course of improving Elaaden's viability for the Andromeda Initiative, Pathfinder Ryder can clear the scavengers out of the flophouse and defeat Strogjaw Grog.

Capabilities Edit


Grog has access to Flak Cannon and the Ruzad. He can also deal two strong types of melee attack: swinging the shotgun like a club and the krogan headbutt.


He is armored. He can regenerate some of that armor if it drops at a low enough threshold via Berserker Charge, incidentally also boosting his movement speed.

Tactics Edit

  • Strogjaw Grog is essentially a named Berserker and has inherited his unit type's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Grog's final posse consists of an Agent, a Pariah, some Sharpshooters, and Raiders. Unlike the usual procedures in dealing with Berserkers, Grog can be left for last since by the time you get to him his lackeys are more nuisance than threat and can be dealt with easily.

Trivia Edit

  • Strogjaw Grog is likely an Easter egg to Grog Strongjaw, a Goliath Barbarian played by Travis Willingham on the live-streamed Dungeons & Dragons campaign "Critical Role". Willingham previously voiced Toni in Mass Effect: Paragon Lost.
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