MEA Journal - Voeld
You've discovered a suspicious kett device among some Remnant ruins. To determine its purpose, SAM needs more information.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Task: Subjugation

After destroying five kett devices, this mission is added automatically.

Walkthrough Edit

Destroy kett devices Edit

A navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconwill be added to the map pointing to a Remnant site underground where four more devices will need to be destroyed.

This objective is marked as complete when Pathfinder Ryder approaches the underground site and the next objective is added.

Enter the Remnant facility Edit

Go to the navpoint north of Hjara Station and interact with the Gravity Well MEA Travel Down Map Icon to go down into the Remnant site.

You will come under attack from kett on reaching the bottom of the gravity well.

Eliminate the kett Edit

Defeat the attacking kett.

Investigate the console Edit

SAM notes that the kett seem to have been feeding data into a nearby console. The data on the console indicates that the kett were attempting to weaponize the Remnant, though yet without success. Interact with the console to continue.

Four navpoints will be added to the map. Continue down into the Remnant site to the navpoints.

Destroy all output devices Edit

There are four devices to deal with. Kett forces will try to hinder your progress on the way to each of them.

When all devices are destroyed, the mission completes.

In the innermost room is a container with a decryption puzzle. (The two glyphs are on the walls - Nihility Glyph and Thermodynamic Glyph). This puzzle is required for the Cryptographer Achievement. For the puzzle solution, see here.

In the same room, you can scan an Adaptive Remnant Core Device for +100 Rd icon remnant orange and pick up a Remnant Data Core for Task: Remnant Data Cores. There is also a container in this room that can looted next to the Remnant Data Core.

Rewards Edit

Bugs Edit

  • After several kett devices have been destroyed, SAM will report that his analysis is at 85% complete, but subtitles show it as him saying 84%.

Puzzle Solution Edit

Main article: Remnant Decryption Puzzle Guide
MEA Subjugation Puzzle Solution
Puzzle Container
Reward: Valuable Loot
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