ME2 SMG - Shuriken
Submachine Guns (SMGs) are one of the primary weapons in the Mass Effect universe. They are a class of rapid-firing weapons, with both fully-automatic and burst-fire models. SMGs generally have low accuracy and damage per shot, offset by their thermal clip size and rate of fire. They are best suited for close- to mid-range combat.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

SMGs possess a bonus to damage against shields and biotic barriers, but are weak against armor. Like all other non-heavy weapon types in Mass Effect 2 with the exception of sniper rifles, SMGs benefit from increasing damage against targets at close ranges, maximized at point-blank (melee) range.

All player classes except soldiers start the game able to use SMGs. The following squadmates also utilize submachine guns: Miranda, Mordin, Samara/Morinth, Thane, Kasumi, Liara, and Dr. Amanda Kenson.

Submachine Gun Models Edit

Below is a list of Submachine Gun models and their base stats:

M-4 Shuriken Edit

ME2 SMG - Shuriken
  • Manufacturer: Elkoss Combine
  • Base Damage: 20.5
  • Damage Multipliers (Armor / Barriers / Shields): x1.0 / x1.5 / x1.5
  • Ammo capacity: 24 / 240
  • Acquisition: Default starting weapon.

M-9 Tempest Edit

ME2 SMG - Tempest

M-12 Locust Edit

ME2 SMG - Locust

Upgrades Edit

See also: Upgrade Guide, section on SMG upgrades, Research
  • SMG Shield Piercing (Phasic Jacketing)
Provides +50% SMG damage against shields and biotic barriers.
  • SMG Extra Rounds (Heat Sink Capacity)
Adds +50% more SMG rounds.
  • Submachine Gun Damage 1 - 6 (Microfield Pulsar)
Squad bonus +10% submachine gun damage.

Mass Effect 3 Edit

Submachine guns are good choices for power-dependent classes. These lightweight weapons can deal out high rates of fire at the cost of low accuracy and stopping power. As a rule, Submachine guns are weak weapons but they have some extremely good mods - notably the Ultralight Materials offering a 90% weight discount makes them a superb backup weapon, whereas with the right DLC a character who focusses primarily on powers can combine the Power Magnifier and the High Velocity Barrel to have a very effective gun against targets like Brutes, a damage bonus for powers, and a recharge bonus of 200%. The following squadmates utilize submachine guns: Aria, EDI, and Liara.

Submachine Gun Models Edit

Below is a list of the types of submachine guns in Mass Effect 3 and their base stats. Note that WCFDA stands for weight, capacity, fire rate, damage, and accuracy. The relevant values for those statistics are presented in that order.

Blood Pack Punisher Edit

ME3 Blood Pack Punisher Smg

Collector SMG Edit

ME3 Collector SMG
  • Manufacturer: Collector
  • Base WCFDA: 33 / 100 / 80 / 22 / 30
  • Fire Mode: Automatic
  • Default ammo: 30 / ∞
  • Acquisition: Retaliation

Geth Plasma SMG Edit

ME3 Geth Plasma SMG

M-4 Shuriken Edit

ME3 Shuriken Smg
  • Manufacturer: Elkoss Combine
  • Base WCFDA: 18 / 70 / 80 / 12 / 10
  • Fire Mode: Six-round burst
  • Default ammo: 36 / 324
  • Acquisition: Priority: Mars

M-9 Tempest Edit

ME3 Tempest Smg

M-12 Locust Edit

ME3 Locust Smg

M-25 Hornet Edit

ME3 Hornet Smg

N7 Hurricane Edit

ME3 N7 Hurricane Smg

Weapon Modifications Edit

See also: Weapon Mods, Equipment Guide, section on Submachine Guns
  • SMG Ultralight Materials I - V
Superior lightweight alloys replace weapon parts, making weapon less obtrusive and easier to handle.
  • SMG Magazine Upgrade I - V
Increases magazine capacity, allowing more shots before reload.
  • SMG High-Caliber Barrel I - V
Allows wider projectiles, causing more trauma on impact. Ballistically optimized to retain penetrative power.
  • SMG Heat Sink I - V
Increases heat conductivity of thermal clip receiver. Negates heat generated by some shots.
  • SMG Scope I - V
Simple 2x optical scope enhances stability while zoomed. Increases accuracy while moving and taking damage.
  • SMG High-Velocity Barrel I - V (Requires Leviathan for single-player and Earth for multiplayer.)
Superior kinetic coils increase shot penetration.
  • SMG Recoil System I - V (Requires Leviathan for single-player and Earth for multiplayer.)
Increase weapon mass for a split second per shot by using expert timing-VI to reduce weapon kick and improve aim.

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