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Suicide Mission is the name given both formally and informally to the battle that serves as the finale of Mass Effect 2. Related articles are listed below.

Lore Pages

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Commander Shepard's overarching mission during the events of Mass Effect 2 is to defeat the race known as the Collectors responsible for the disappearance of entire human colonies. This culminates in a desperate and daring counterattack into the heart of their territory often referred to within the story as the "suicide mission."

  • Omega 4 Relay - The Collectors are rumored to operate from somewhere beyond this uncharted mass relay. The Suicide Mission takes its name partly from the fact that no ship to enter the relay previously has ever returned. Entering the relay is considered the start of the Suicide Mission.
  • Collector Base - Installation thought to be located beyond the Omega 4 Relay from where the Collectors launch their attacks. Primary target of the Suicide Mission.
  • Storyline II - An in-universe style narrative encompassing the events surrounding Mass Effect 2 including the Suicide Mission.


Pages giving a broad overview and walkthrough of Mass Effect 2 up to and including the Suicide Mission.

  • Mass Effect 2 Guide - The main walkthrough guide for all of Mass Effect 2; Act 3 covers the Suicide Mission.
  • Stop the Collectors - The main plot mission during the the events of Mass Effect 2. The Suicide Mission is its conclusion.

Mission Walkthroughs

The following are the gameplay-specific walkthrough pages for each of the individual playable combat segments that are part of the Suicide Mission itself. This list is also found on the Mass Effect 2 Guide page.