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Acquisition Edit

After talking to Suvi after the discoveries on Khi Tasira, this mission starts if: Ryder is female, has flirted with Dr. Suvi Anwar on every opportunity, and hasn't entered a relation with anyone else (flings with Pelessaria B'Sayle and Keri T'Vessa are allowed).

Walkthrough Edit

Read and acknowledge the email from Suvi titled "Message from Suvi".

Read email from Suvi Edit

Message from Suvi
To: Ryder
From: Suvi


Meet me on the laboratory on the Nexus. I have something I want to show you!

You'll love it. Promise!


Suvi invites you to meet her at the laboratory on the Nexus.

Meet Suvi at the Nexus tech babs Edit

Head to the Nexus Tech Labs. Suvi wants to show you her findings about life in the Heleus Cluster. You will have several interrupt opportunities to advance the romance with Suvi during this conversation.

Once the conversation is over, the mission ends.

Rewards Edit

  • None

Trivia Edit

  • Although Suvi is only available to the female Ryder as a romantic partner, the illustrations for this mission in the game guide published by Prima show Suvi interacting with the male Ryder. The leaves open the question as to whether Suvi might have at one point been intended as a romantic option for the male Ryder, too, or if a non-romance friend version of this mission was at one point planned for the male Ryder.
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