Swarmers are synthetic-organic creatures presumably derived from Rachni Workers and mutated by Reaper technology. Swarmers can be spawned by puncturing one of the large orange sacs found on Ravagers or by destroying Gestation Pods.

Capabilities[edit | edit source]


Swarmers are volatile in large groups and can hinder shield regeneration with constant attacks. Namely, Swarmers attack by a suicide leap at the player, damaging with both the explosion and a little bit of acid damage-over-time.

Note: On Multiplayer, if the player is killed by Swarmer acid, no kill notification is logged.


Swarmers are very weak with only a small amount of health and can be killed by one shot from any weapon or one attack from any power that deals direct damage.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Slow-moving and fragile, these small targets are easy to miss. Since Swarmers tend to appear in groups, attacks with an area of effect are generally effective in dealing with them.
    • Projectile weapons like the M-37 Falcon assault rifle, Scorpion pistol, and Krysae Sniper Rifle sniper rifle may take out multiple Swarmers at once.
    • Powers like Singularity, Chain Overload, a Stasis bubble, or any kind of grenades are also reliable ways of dealing with groups of Swarmers.
    • Since Annihilation Field does damage automatically and auto-targets once the foe is in range, Annihilation Field can be a very effective deterrent towards Swarmers.
    • Dark Channel is very effective against Swarmers as it will kill Swarmers instantaneously if it travels to one and then will rapidly jump to other nearby Swarmers until they are all killed.
    • It doesn't show on the kill log but Reave instantly kills all Swarmers in its area of effect.
    • Although wholly a defensive power, activating Shield Boost will destroy Swarmers within its radius (without displaying a kill notification).
    • At the moment it is cast, the Biotic Sphere does a small amount of damage to enemies inside or touching it, killing Swarmers outright.
    • If used against Swarmers, Tactical Scan will kill them instead of causing its normal effects.
  • Swarmers are not counted as enemies, so they are not required to complete a current multiplayer wave. Because of this you should always stay vigilant as a pack of Swarmers can quickly eat away at your health or any health recovered, even after the wave is completed.
  • If the Swarmer dies from contact with a player character, whether by leaping or being stepped on, it leaves a puddle of acid that deals damage over time.
  • If the player kills the Swarmer first, even with a melee attack, the player will take no damage and no puddle of acid will remain.
    • The melee strategy works best on-host since latency can stop you from hitting Swarmers adequately and instead spill their acid.
  • Despite being unprotected, Swarmers appear to be entirely unaffected by Cryo Blast: they do not slow down or become chilled or frozen.
  • Sabotage works normally on the targeted Swarmer, which will be instantly killed by the delayed Backfire effect.
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