Location: Milky WayAttican BetaHercules System Second planet

Prerequisite: Priority: Tuchanka (Mass Effect 3)

Description Edit

The proximity of the energetic star Hercules causes constant blue and violet auroras in Syided's nitrogen-argon atmosphere. During periods of increased solar flares, the auroras are bright enough to read by on the surface, and can be seen with off-the-shelf optics from a distance of several AU.

Syided's scorching hot surface is mainly composed of magnesium with deposits of iron. A surprising variety of simple carbon-based life flourishes in a complex network of cave systems that wind through the crust, protected from Hercules' heat and radiation.

Survey Text Edit

“While scanning Syided, you discovered a large debris field in geosynchronous orbit. Chief Engineer Adams conducted several detailed sweeps of the area and detected a few items of interest, including a League of One medallion encased in lead molding.”

Trivia Edit

Comparing the readings of Syided and the nearby world of Xathorron, it would seem that the orbital position of the two worlds has accidentally become mixed up. As Syided (listed as the second world in this star system) has an orbital distance nearly 10 times shorter than Xathorron (0.6 AU to 5.35 AU), this is most likely just an error.

Assignments Edit

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