Taavos is a male angaran member of the Roekaar on the planet Havarl.


When Taavos was a child, the sages of Mithrava came to his home and insisted on taking him with them, believing him to be the reincarnation of Zorai, an ancient champion of the angara during the pre-Scourge era. His mother sent them away and they never troubled Taavos again.

At some point after reaching adulthood during the kett invasion, Taavos joined the Roekaar and was sent to Havarl to deal with Pathfinder Ryder, whom Akksul believed was attempting to sabotage the Remnant monoliths.

Mass Effect: AndromedaEdit

Taavos' camp is assaulted by Pathfinder Ryder, resulting in the death of all Roekaar save Taavos. The Roekaar commander assumes the Pathfinder will kill him only to be handed an heirloom of Zorai, triggering his past life's memories. Deciding to work with Ryder, Taavos led the Pathfinder the final resting place of Zorai, whom they learned had perished attempting to reach the third monolith and was in fact a woman. Taavos then unlocked the sealed passages to the third monolith, allowing Ryder to activate it.

Taavos later travels to Daar Pelaav and meets with Ryder alongside Kiiran Dals and First Sage Esmus after the Pathfinder reactivates the Remnant vault. Taavos acknowledged the Roekaar's cause was unjust and that his comrades shouldn't have died needlessly.

Codex Edit

Our encounter on Havarl with the angara called Taavos, believed to be a reincarnation of an ancient angaran champion, has provided some scientific evidence for this belief in reincarnation. However, further investigation is needed before definite conclusions can be drawn.

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