Taetrus is a turian colony in the Mactare system.

In 2185, Taetrus fell into crisis when a turian separatist group known as Facinus reprogrammed the FTL plotter of a starship and rammed the ship at near-FTL speeds into the heart of Vallum, the colony's capital city, killing tens of thousands of people. This terrorist attack prompted the Turian Hierarchy and Taetrian colonialist forcesto invade Facinus' strongholds and systematically eliminate the separatists in a short, decisive conflict called the War on Taetrus.

Aside from Vallum, other major cities on Taetrus include Iratiana, Spaedar, and Madra, located in the Diluvian Wildlands on the island continent of Eluria. The marsh-like Wildlands were the base of operations for Facinus' political arm prior to the War on Taetrus, and most turian citizens living there were sympathetic to the separatists' cause. One advantage that the separatists had in the War was that most cities and strategic locations under their control, such as the Spaedar Spaceport and Kasatum Fortress, had been fortified to military specifications during a civil war on Taetrus several decades earlier.

After months of conflicts in safe camps, civilians of planet Taetrus are finally going home while Hierarchy forces has to clean the nightmare of the war. Their main task is to reconstruct and to reunite family members.

During the Reaper invasion in 2186, Taetrus is one of the first worlds the Reapers attack following their conquest of Khar'shan and Earth. The Turian Hierarchy made two attempts to enter the Mactare system via mass relay to liberate Taetrus, but were unsuccessful. As the Reapers began to pour into the Trebia system and assault Palaven, they broadcasted images of their victory at Taetrus to the turian comm buoy network.

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